The Real Housewives of Orange County
Reunion Part 1
Picture by Bravo
By Mandi Nowitz

It’s reunion time, the most wonderful time of the housewives year! On host Andy Cohen’s right is Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, and Meghan King Edmonds; on his left is Vicki Gunvalson, Kelly Dodd, Peggy Something or another, and Lydia McLaughlin. It starts with the traditional BTS view of the women getting ready and are they really ready for the reunion. Usually, some are ready with guns blazing while others are scared if their reactions.

We start with Shannon and her daughter, Sophie. Did she pass her driving test? Yes, she did and was gifted a brand new BMW but only because husband, David wanted to do the whole bells and whistles for his baby girl. As for Peggy...is she really as dumb as she acts like she is? Yeah, pretty much! Back to Shannon, who is complimented for looking most like a man when the women crossdressed for Bingo and she was Bret Michaels. Compliment accepted.

Will Vicki and Steve get married? Vicki cringes every time Andy says her ex-boyfriend, Brooks’ name but it has to be said. Tamra said that she likes him from what she knows of him and he is way better than Brooks. As for Vicki’s daughter, Briana and her health? She has just undergone neck surgery though it won’t fix her lupus but husband, Ryan is no longer in the military so he can be back with his family. Are Briana and Tamra in contact? They actually spoke two days prior to the reunion where Briana talked about seeing how there was almost a reconciliation between her mom and Tamra in Iceland and it just makes her sad seeing all that has gone down. But, she needs to understand that Vicki did a lot shady stuff and hurt people who rallied around her so this is the penalty she pays.

Oh no, girl fight between Lydia and Shannon when it comes to the drag Bingo. Lydia was called homophobic on Twitter and Shannon retweeted one comment which made Lydia unfollow her. That leads to why Lydia thought it was okay to have a vasectomy party for her husband and not believe in psychics. Meghan believes that Lydia should think more with her brain and follow less than what the Bible says. Agreed. And how come Shannon and Lydia did not end up as friends? They had an okay start then a rough patch but ended well. Lydia claims that she texted Shannon to hang out after the show ended but there was so much that came out, it was not worth it.

Onto Kelly, who was having trouble with her marriage since she came onto the show last season. After the finale, she moved into another home, she did file for divorce. Vicki still thinks she can give marital advice after two failed marriages and one hoax relationship but she does concede that Kelly gave it her all and attributes the 16-year-age gap to the downfall. As for her newfound friendship with former enemy Shannon, Kelly admits that she just likes her. She makes her laugh, they have kids the same age, and as fans will soon see, they have the most in common out of the housewives.

It’s Tamra time and of course she looks fabulous at 50 but it kills her that her eldest daughter, Sidney is not around and has not been for three years. On the finale, she was invited to Sidney’s high school graduation but after that, the floor fell out from under. Admittedly, Tamra posted a graduation photo when rumors were swirling about her and Sidney despite her daughter’s requests otherwise. So, Tamra takes responsibility for that but then Sidney publicly lashed out and said she didn't even want her mom at graduation. Tamra hopes that when her daughter has kids, she will understand the struggle. Vicki even had to agree that Tamra is a good mom. As for her son, Ryan and his fiancee, Sarah, mother to Tamra’s granddaughter: they have been split for six weeks when this show was filmed and she already had a boyfriend.

Let’s get to Shannon, who came back to the season unrecognizable after gaining 40 pounds from stress eating and drinking after Vicki’s allegations that Shannon’s husband, David was abusive. Shannon can be overemotional, let’s be real and that can be hard on David but she was constantly blaming everyone for her weight gain. There is a time where you take responsibility and turn your anger into another avenue. Shannon addresses this and she says that she has learned from that. The stress started the weight gain ball rolling and it just got out of hand. Ultimately, it was discovered she had a hormonal imbalance. She says that she was taking the pain she was feeling with David out on everyone else. So far, she has lost 25 pounds which is great but now she has to make the grand announcement that only a few saw coming. She and David are no longer together. They attempted to reconcile by going to Hawaii but he left early and when Shannon got him, he said it was over. They have chosen to stay connected by doing Sunday night dinners and going to USC games while their 3 daughters live full-time with Shannon.

Vicki is shocked by this news and it leads her to tears. Maybe she sees that some of her words caused more suffering and pain than she expected. Shannon says that it was not Vicki’s fault and that there had been internal problems. She is scared because she is 53 and now she is on her own and has to be an example for her 3 girls. But, Vicki says she has Shannon ad David on her prayer list and all of the girls are there for her; Tamra says next season they will have her on Tinder. It comes down to whether or not Shannon is really over the affair; probably not and she says that she was waiting until it sunk it. As they go to break, Shannon tells Kelly that she wanted to reach out but was still processing it and then tells Tamra she feels sick because it is now out there meaning it is real.


Next week, Vicki threatens to quit!

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