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Hi everyone~! Are you ready for the Playoffs? Are you ready for a party? This is a great week for TV! Is your favorite voices still in the competition? Let’s see who makes it thru the night. The power is finally going to the people next week, we will finally get to vote!

First up, Jennifer has Davon singing. He has a powerful voice. She is such a good coach. Wow, the guy deserves to be the show stopper opening. Holy cow,  he is so good! Jennifer picked her own song for him to sing and he was over the top! All four coaches stand for his performances.

This is going to be so good as the coaches  get a ‘come  back’ artists too, that has to up the nerves to this year’s contestants. Up next is Hannah, one of Jennifers steals. Jennifer just said only 3 voices from each team go on to the live shows. Hannah looks like a star but looks a bit nervous. I am not familiar with this Keesha song but she does have a beautiful voice.  

Jennifer picks Lucas as her ‘come back’ artist. He too, has an awesome voice, Jennifer picks Prince for him to sing and he does a great job entertaining the crowd (and me too!).  That was fun to watch.   I don’t know how many people each team has, (five ~ ??) but Jennifer is going to have a hard time picking her three.  

We are continuing on with Jennifer’s picks, and its Cheyenne’s turn. She is only 15 and a huge presence.  Jennifer just said they are cutting their teams in half  so they must each have 6 for us to watch.  Cheyenne is good too. Like Whitney and Mariah good!! Wow, she must have octives above Mariah Carey’s voice. She is going to be great when she gets older, she is really good.

Next up is Chris, another Jennifer steal. He is another voice to be reckoned with. I like him. He looks like a star. Has me beep bopping as I type. I am not sure if he will make it on, he doesn’t have the range the other guys have had but he is really entertaining. He is going to be in the spotlights no matter what happens.

Next up is Noah who is another Jennifer steal. This kid is a true musician. Wow…this guy has a soothing but killer bee performance. That was mesmerizing.  He had the audience purely silent, listening to every word he sings. He is an amazing young man.

Now it’s time for Jennifer to pick her three finalists for the live show. This has to be extremely hard. She picks Davon, Noah, and last is Cheyenne.  Chris, Hanna and Lucas have to go home. That was really fun to watch.

Blake has his turn now, and first up is Red. Country fans will love him, I’m just not that hard core country but he does put his heart and soul into it. Drives nuts he sings with his eyes closed most of the time but he loves singing a story and it shows. The audience loves him more than I do.

Next up is Chloe, Blake stole her from Miley. She looks amazing. She too, has a softer tone, a different flavor than the blasting tunes..Miley calls her a punk rock queen. I like that Cyndy Laper voice, she did her proud.

Next up, Blake chooses Natalie as his ‘come back’ artist. She is an awesome Fiddle player, and gets the audience engaged. She is total country, she sings great.  

Ezra is up next.  A huge voice. He is nervous.  I think it comes down to song choice, and Blake didn’t do his job. Does a good job but not the show stopper of the night.

Mitchell is next up, and I love the song Blake picked for him “Heaven”.  He has a sultry draw you in voice. He is easy on the eyes too! He is one of the better voices of team Blake. Jennifer didn’t like it. Miley did.

Now is Keisha, the only black county singer.  Blake can’t wait to help her on her way to her country empire. She has an unbelievable voice.  She has to be invited to Nashvile Grand Ole Opry she is that good.  What a great job she did. She incorporated a gospel type voice into her country soul.

Now it’s Blake’s turn, to pick his three finalists. He picks Keisha, Red (really?!!), and Chloe. His picks were ok, but I think Mitchell, even Ezra did better than Red.

Well there you have it everyone, the first six thru to the live shows. So far, Jennifer’s team outshines Blake’s but the fun isn’t over, see you Tuesday night for more Play off fun. My biggest compliments I have to say, is the band is really amazing. How they can switch it up from genre to genre, is something I certainly picked up on.  Enjoy your day.



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