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By Mandi Nowitz

Here we go. It is the end of season 12 for the Orange County housewives and of course, we really are just ready for the epic reunion which starts next week. But first, we must have a dynamic season finale and hopefully it shows the way that all the big stories played out. We start with Vicki naming her son VP of Coto Insurance so now he is a big and bad board member. Turns out, the year prior she had created a vision board and it all goes back to Steve, who was her dream man which is a far more difficult job than working under Vicki.

Kelly and her daughter Jolie have decided to give her mom, Bobbi a make-over. Too bad they spent all this money to make mama look exactly the same. Kelly starts to talk about husband, Mike and all the problems they have when Bobbi reminds her that no marriage is perfect. Flash to Tamra who is getting ready to attend her eldest daughter, Sidney’s high school graduation. She has not seen her in years but son, Ryan is there to accompany Tamra as she starts to get emotional, knowing that she was not there to help pick out a dress with her daughter and be there with her. Ryan reminds her that these are baby steps in this situation and off they go.

It is now time to go to Meghan’s launch party. She has launched her own collection because every finale needs a grand party. Kelly and Michael were supposed to go with Vicki but she and Briana were taking too long so Shannon offered to pick the couple up on the way. Michael said that he was not going to go if that were to be the case and to call and uber. Kelly begs her husband to be nice but why should she have to do that? He is even a crab in the limo despite how kind Shannon and David are. The event is actually taking place at the same venue where Eddie and Tamra got married so that makes it super special.

Everyone makes their grand entrances and now it is time for Peggy and Diko to arrive but if you missed it: she was quite the manipulative demon during the Iceland trip. She thinks she was so innocent but I think otherwise. She did go out to eat with Lydia and Meghan upon returning to California and apologized for calling Meghan, basically, a bad mother. Or a negligent one, rather. Vicki has yet to contact Tamra since the trip, even though it seemed like they may have been on a decent path on vacation. But, apparently a story about Tamra came out when they got home and it may have been spawned from Vicki so Tamra regrets ever trying to help bring her former friend back into the circle. I knew she was bad bad bad news.

Kelly goes to talk to Peggy about why she left Iceland early and she said she did not enjoy her time anymore so she had to leave. Seemingly everyone had forgotten that Peggy’s dad had passed away but they forgave each other and David and Diko made up over a misunderstanding. Unfortunately, things are not so simple between Shannon and Peggy as Shannon calls her a lunatic leaving Meghan wondering what is going on. Lydia has to chime in with her ridiculous words and babble and Peggy playing the victim again. I can’t with these women but I do appreciate Shannon and Kelly making fun of each other over a fight they had last season. It’s good to see how far they have come and Vicki was even in the same vicinity which was amazing considering the past that Shannon and Vicki have had. But now Vicki is playing marriage counselor to Michael and Kelly, trying to convince them to stay together. This is not a marriage made in heaven and if Kelly is unhappy, why should she stay? They separated once before and we all know that they have ultimately split again. Kelly is young so she should do what makes her happy like Vicki did when she dated a scam artist.

• Kelly sold her beach house and filed for divorce from Michael.
• Meghan is undergoing IVF again to try to have a second baby.
• Lydia wants to try for a baby girl despite making her husband get a vasectomy.
• Shannon’s rental was sold by the owners and she and David have moved into individual homes.
• Vicki and Steve bought a vacation home but Briana is moving to North Carolina.
• Peggy’s daughters are in school in LA.
• Tamra and Sidney had a falling out after graduation and are no longer speaking.
Next week, the reunion begins and that is when the epic excitement begins! Hold on to your oranges!!!

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