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Hi everyone~!  Are you ready for some fun? Are your favorite voices still in it to win it? Mine is!! I can’t wait for this particular battle night and hope my favorite get on the show. I am really enjoying having Kelly Clarkson on here right now.  She has a funny mouth full of a country vocabulary that makes it that much more entertaining.

First battle up, is Miley’s two teammates Brooke and Stephan. This should be a good battle. Brooke is inspiring for sure. Wow! She just left it all out there in the ring. Stephan on the other hand, just got the audience involved from the beginning. She has my vote though it was just because of  her voice. Stephan was over the top entertaining. Miley picks Brooke.  No one steals Stephan.

Next up is Blake and his duo of Anna Catherine and Mitchell. Ugh, they both tone it down for slow songs. Drives me nuts when they sing so good they  actually sing me to sleep but Mitchell is singing a great song; “I’ll be”.  He is a little hottie for sure! Super smooth moves and a black velvet voice, yummy!! Not the best voice on the show, but I would buy his album when he hits the streets. Anna Catherine also sings like a songbird. Wow, powerful singer for a country genre singer. These both have great country voices, I pick Anna Catherine, Blake picks Mitchell. Wow.  No one steals Anna Catherine but no doubt a country label will pick her voice up.

Now Jennifer’s boys takes a stab at it. Noah and Jeramiah. Two sexy boys the teens are going to go nuts for.  Jermiah ok, not my favorite, but he is singing Justin Bieber which is not my wheel house. Noah, he can sing, play the piano, is a clean cut looking kid with an awesome voice. He is the total package. Not sure that either will make it to the finals but I pick Noah, he gives you goose bumps! Jennifer picks Noah too. No one steals Jeramiah.

Looks like its Blakes  turn to play again. He has teamed up Kiesha and Katrina. Katrina is unbelievable. She makes you want to get up and dance. So is Kiesha. Kiesha is a black country singer that can kick it to the moon and back.  Two powerful voices. I would not want to pick between these two. They are both so good they deserve a spot on the show. I pick Katrina, just because of song choice. The audience seems to love Kiesha. Blake chooses Kiesha. No one steals Katrina. That makes me sad.

Miley has a shot at this now with Mariah, a 16 year old rocker, sings a Kelly Clarkson song and she is way beyond her years for sure. Whitney, she sings so beautiful too. I just like her tone. I think Mariah did a better job. I pick her. Miley picks Mariah. No one steals Whitney.

We haven’t seen any team Adam yet on the show. My favorite singer has not been on here yet either. Looks like there are some challenges are not show worthy? Maybe tomorrow night? The finale for the night is coming up soon.

 Next, Adam is finally going to showcase his two for the night. Adam and Emily.  Two totally different genres and both have amazing voices. Emily is singing a ballot and Adam is all rock and roll.  Adam the coach told him to loose the guitar and he looks like a lost lamb with a killer voice. Wow, takes me back to the good ole days as “Smoke on the Water” when I was growing up, omg he can stand his ground, wow. A ballot is going to hard to beat, but Emily is going to give it her all. She is beautiful, sings amazingly. I can see why they choose her for the ending of the show. What a voice. I can’t believe I am going to say it, but I choose her, Emily. Adam choose her too.  And then, Miley chooses Adam away from Adam at the last minute!  

Well that’s it for this show, and hope my favorite makes it on to Tuesdays show. That was an entertaining packed full two hours! Enjoy your day.



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