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Picture by NBC                                                                                                   Written by Cozy2
By Cozy2

Hi everyone~! Wahoo we are finally on the last week of the blind auditions. Jennifer has 9, Miley has 8, Blake and Adam have 7.

Here we go..Chloe is up..sweet thing..she loves Miley..pretty sure she will go with her, Miley, Jennifer, and Blake all turned around. Blake is so entertaining, no wonder he is still on the show. Not sure why these guys are fighting so hard for this rocker chick, but they are. She did pick Miley, she just isn’t the show stopper I was expecting ..I can’t see her lasting thru the next wrong.

Moving on, Miley has all girls on her and this next little one is the youngest in the season. She is only 13. Tiny little thing, her name is Olivia. No one turned around for her. I am sure she will come back. I think if she would have sang Adele, she would have turned a chair or two.

I am ready for the voice of the century, where is it? Next up, finally another guy. I feel like I have heard more females than male. Dennis is up. Adam and Blake turn around. I am shocked, he picks Blake. Wow. He was talking up Adam in his promo and then Blake convinces him because they both are in Nashville. It seems to happen a lot, the contestants get all caught up in the moment and pick a different coach than what they thought they would do.  He has an ok voice but not the jaw dropping voice that can win this thing.

So far, last Tuesday was the best.Ignatious is up next. He was the snapchat winner out of 20,000 entrants. This guy has an amazing voice. Jennifer, and Blake turn around. He has a huge falsetto range that could melt butter and will take him super far in this competition. He picks Jennifer and that is going to take her to the top too, which means Blake, you are not going to win this year!!He is at the top of my list so far too.

Well my cable cut out, and I think I just missed someone good. Jennifer, and Adam are really fighting for him, and looks like Blake wants him too. Well, I guess I have wait to hear that voice, for some reason it wont let me rewind his voice..oh well, there is always another around the bend we are only half way thru the night. He must be really good, they cut it off for a commercial before he picked his coach…ooo…ahhh the suspense. His family wants him to pick Adam, he picks Adam, Jennifer seems shocked.

Next up, another male voice. Bling boy..he likes jewelry, ring on every finger, very personable, great smile..ok guitar player but omg not a very good voice and not one turned around for him. Not surprising. I feel like he was masking his talents by his jewelry etc which was better than his voice.

Now on to Whitney..has a sad story but a quirky voice and style of voice. This stage of the competition its getting tough. Miley and Adam turn around, adam gets her, eh…she won’t last though she is one of the more mature funky folk song type voices.

On to another female, kind of a pop type voice, gets Miley and Blake to turn around. Iliona is her name. she picks Miley, then they just show a few seconds of people singing showing that Miley gets another female, and so does Blake.

We are getting close to the end of the show, they always save the best for last so we should get a great voice coming up. There seems to be a lot of Midwestern contestants tonight. This gal Meagan is from Chicago. She can sing. Jennifer scoops her up.

Here we go, the finale of the night. A corporate singer, pop artist from iowa, and wow he does have a great voice. He gets all but Miley to turn around right away. I can’t believe he got Miley to turn around? She wants an all girl team. Oh well, he got all four of them to turn around. He is good but he has a big ego. He picks adam, which will take him far in this competition.  

How do you guys keep all these contestants straight? Wow this is an involved show, two night a week..that’s a big deal. I looked up for tomorrow night and it seems it is only an hour show, so we will finally get to watch the battles begin next week!

I saw Carson on the NBC Today Show this morning for a few, they showed a clip of him cooking for the judges I think was going to make them sing for their meal, but just a bbq to learn something new about the judges. What did I learn? Jennifer loves to make turkey wings…Miley is vegan will eat anything without eyes, so is her pig, blake well, he like beef, and I cant remember about Adam!

I have to say, Adam and Jennifer have the most talented singers so far, but I think Miley is more disconnected to her upcoming team, her meet and greets with the families just seemed hollow even though they were 2 second meetings. Blake will give them a run for their top spots for sure. The teaser for Tuesdays show seems that they may be saving the best for last so stay tuned and see you after the next show…enjoy your day.



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