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Hi everyone~! The voice premiere is ready to go. Adam, Miley, Jennifer and Blake are the coaches. And let’s get started…I am a new fan to the voice, have not really watched all the way thru so I am committed to check it out and give you my “Voice” and opinions…I can’t even sing to karaoke so I cant ‘judge’ them but I surely can tell who has a great voice and who doesn’t!

Chris Weaver is up first, drag by night, Worship singer by day…he got all of the judges to turn around and he is not in drag tonight. The whole crow is loving him..they all want him..Blake still got his comedy chuckle for the crowd..Chris picks Jennifer Hudson as his coach…I don’t know how many people they get (4 each?) so we will have a few more days of try outs before the real battles begin.  This guy has some pipes..he will go far in the competition.

Another male up next, his name is Mitchell Lee..yummy, he can “hold my hand”~!! That’s the song he sang…he’s a wood worker from South Carolina..and if I must say, young , 29, gorgeous.  Oh, and he can sing!! He picks Blake.

Now on to a female .. Janice..two judges liked her..I can’t believe she picked Miley! Her voice seemed much more suited for Jennifer, I guess she will be on to watch to see how much of Miley’s attitude and music core gets thru to Janice…

Next up is a sweet young 17 yr old girl named Karis. Works at a yogurt place, sings folks songs from yrs ago..so sad they didn’t pick her, that was heart breaking, she actually had a good voice, someone will sign her for sure, she was a cutie pie.

Are you ready to pick a favorite yet? Shows not over…so here’s the next singer, is a forceful voice named Cheyenne, Jennifer picked her in the first two notes, I personally didn’t understand a word she said with all the runs she did but she has a great voice. She is only 15…wow…Blake turned around too, even though Jennifer told the others not to turn around she chose Jennifer. She is a breath of fresh air for sure.

Now up is a guy from a U-tube channel, Dave Crosby, he sings little songs with his little girl on it. He actually has a good raspy voice, Adam turned around for him, he sang a sad dark song but he has a good voice. Adam recognizes his little girl and she comes out and sings..melts the audiences hearts…he picks Adam.

Next is a returnee from a let down years ago when Cedric was on the show. He is now older, looks more mature, didn’t catch his name, and they didn’t turn around for him. Not surprising he was entertainer/ singer wanna be.

Ezrah is up next…big dude, played in NFL and the guy can sing! Blake picked him. Will be fun to see what he may come up with.

Next Brandon is up(seems like never ending blind auditions!). Adam, Miley and Jennifer turned around, I didn’t care for his voice but they will probably mold him into a fantastic singer, he picks Adam.

Now we are on to Lucas, a grocery store cashier in Lansing, Mi. wow..that guy has a voice..he will go far, Jennifer picked him. She was waiting for a big singer, and she got one.

Ok, now Brooke Simpson is up for a chance…wow, she gets all four judges to turn around..she has a great soulful voice..she picked Miley. Wow, I thought she would pick Jennifer…this girl is going to be in the top four or so, its endless what she can do.

I will tell you, this show is much more intricate, extreme behind the scenes than I thought it would be. Timing is everything, keep all these contestants together, getting them to practices etc, great communication team behinds the stage.

Two Hours is a long time to keep my attention but the four coaches really keep the crowd engaged, and are having a blast throwing shade at each other all in good time.Ill be back with the next Blind auditions to see who else gets thru. I certainly won’t be able to remember all these people till after the blind auditions are done but ill try my best to keep up with them. Do you have a fan favorite yet?  Enjoy your day.



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