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We are back with season 13 of “The Voice” with returning judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Miley Cyrus is back after taking season 12 off and former “American Idol” contestant and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson has joined the show. Hudson is not without experience as she won “The Voice UK” so she is a force to be reckoned with. It is a great line-up, amazing and diverse coaches so I cannot wait to see how everyone who is picked progresses and who reigns supreme. Welcome to night one of the blind auditions!

• Chris Weaver: worship leader by day and is a drag queen by night; that is pretty fricking awesome, if you ask me. And he has already sang for Jennifer Hudson before when she was in New York so this is huge. “Try A Little Tenderness.” 4-chair turn and if J.Hud throws a shoe at you, she loves you so Adam immediately starts to undress. TEAM JENNIFER.
• Mitchell Lee: woodworker; seems like he is doing this for his mom because she always thought he would be a rock star. “Hold My Hand.” He got Adam, Jennifer, and Blake. TEAM BLAKE.
• Janice Freeman: was a single parent a very young age because her daughter’s father passed away and then she was diagnosed with cancer, as well but now, in remission. Now, she is healthy and married for 2 years. “Radioactive.” Miley and Jennifer turned and she is in good hands either way. TEAM MILEY. (unexpected)
• Shi’Ann Jones: “Drown In My Own Tears.” Jennifer and Blake turned and are shocked that she is just 15. TEAM JENNIFER.
• Dave Crosby: watches the show with his toddler and they sing together as a bonding moment (which has gone viral) so this is huge for him to be here. “I Will Follow You Into the Dark.” Blake, Miley, and Adam turned and they invite his daughter out to sing a song from “Toy Story” together. TEAM ADAM.
• Odiseas: auditioned season 3 as he was told to come back and feels like his voice has really developed. I have to disagree and I am sorry for that. “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag.” NO CHAIR TURNS; 2nd no chair turn of the evening. Too much was going on and the fact that he was dancing was a problem because they could not see it; Adam told him to come back for a 3rd time.
• Esera Tuaolo: went to the Super Bowl twice and was known as Mr. Aloha but sang the National Anthem as an NFL player. Came out after he left the NFL but battled with depression knowing that he had led a double life. At 48, he is getting to live his new dream. “Rise Up.” Jennifer and Blake turned and it was well-deserved. TEAM BLAKE.
• Brandon Showell: an English teacher who is now engaged so he is ready for a new start to his life. “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back.” I am loving this groove. Jennifer, Miley, and Adam turned their chairs. TEAM ADAM.
• Lucas Holliday: “This Woman’s Work.” He is almost painful to listen to and Blake compares him to Kelsey Grammar, which is hilarious but he is TEAM JENNIFER.
• Brooke Simpson: from an authentic Native American tribe. “Stone Cold.” 4 chair turn! TEAM MILEY.
So, there you have it folks. Night one of the blind auditions has come to an end. Team Jennifer has 3; Team Adam has 2; Team Miley has 2; and Team Blake has 2. Come back tomorrow night for part 2 of the blinds!

The Voice Season 13 Blind Auditions Night 2

Last night, “The Voice” returned for season 13 with some crazy amazing talent and one new coach who was eager to jump into the game. The addition of Jennifer Hudson is probably the best new coach they have had in years. She balances out the bromance of Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, both whom have been on the show since day 1 and Miley Cyrus, who returns after a season off. This is a great four-coach combo and here is where the teams stand after the premiere of the blind auditions:

Where will they stand after tonight’s round? We will see soon enough!

Keisha Renee: “I Can’t Stop Loving You,” was a background singer for Nicki Minaj, got pregnant and was extremely overweight, got diabetes so she went and lost a lot of weight. Her heart is with country music despite being told she should be a pop singer. 4 chair turn and she deserved it. TEAM BLAKE.
Dylan Gerard: “Say You Won’t Let Go.” Adam and Jennifer turned around. TEAM ADAM.
Maharasyi: “Tell Me Something Good,”moved back and forth from California and Indonesia; works as a wedding singer now and wants to be team Miley. TEAM JENNIFER.
Marlo Wells: “Love Me Now,” father was Carl Jones and sang for all the Motown Legends but died when Marlo was young. No chairs turned and I am not happy about this.
Red Marlow: “Swingin’,” worked in music and now he is in construction and is a Mr. Fix-It. Just wants to turn some chairs to know he is good enough. Miley and Blake turn because Miley is desperate for someone super country. TEAM BLAKE.
Ashland Craft: “You Are My Sunshine,” local country singer at a honky tonk with a studio in her background. Adam, Blake, and Miley pushed their buttons. TEAM MILEY.
Okay, so after the first week of season 13, here is where the teams stand:


Come back next week, both Monday and Tuesday, as the blind auditions continue. Which team are you rooting for?

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