july14 Backyard Chat
By Cozy2

Hi everyone~! Well no surprise there that Paul pulls out a win again. At least Alex did keep trying. That was fun to see Josh so bright and cheery when Bobby came in banging the pots and pans.And wowee has figured out Paul’s game and can’t convince Christmas! Wait till they watch this season back!! Hand them all a sour candy because there will be sour faces to all around~!!

So let’s chat about Alex for a bit…can she really be so delusional that she trusts Christmas? If she would have been smart, she would pull some kind of leverage/dirt out to expose Christmas in some way to help make sure Jason stays, but its her own two lips straight from her mouth to all of our ears to put her on the block. Paul does come out squeaky clean with an Alex alliance at this point by pulling her off, and probably pulling raven in if he has alienated Josh or Christmas for using the veto. See ya later Jason!!

If Kevin makes it thru tonight, he better win or he is the pawn they will throw away asap…same with Raven, at this point they are probably going on the block at some point tonight if they don’t win either HOH. I do see Alex splitting up Josh and Christmas if she gets the chance, but she is so fixated on getting Kevin out, maybe she will do it tonight. But with out her ride or die, her sites are probably going to go towards Christmas, I dont think Paul will be able to do a two minute damage control with it being a double eviction. Paul’s game is probably about to be exposed, whichever way the door blows tonight.

Looking forward to the double elimination…Christmas cant compete in the first one so it’s all up to Josh if she goes up on the block at this point.I see Jason headed out the door and the other could be anyone’s game, though if it’s a brain-teaser competition, there is not enough brain cells combined for  a shake-up in the house.

 I always hope for new life in the HOH room to keep it interesting and it seems to be the same ole same ole week after week but I am still going to watch. Enjoy the show and enjoy your double eviction day~!



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