By Sammi Turano

Hello and welcome to America’s Got Talent on NBC. Tonight we have more auditions and will hopefully see Heidi Klum use her Golden Buzzer.

First up is Henry Richardson, who got into magic with his dad, thanks to the show. This audition is being done in his memory. He has Mel B. choose and sign a card and somehow gets the cards they are holding to switch hands. He somehow gets a picture he drew (chosen by Simon) inside the card. The judges love him and send him to the next round

Maria and Max do some sort of balancing act with another man and it is—interesting to say the least. Well, Maria is in the background watching, but they made it seem like she was going to be in the act? Regardless, he makes it to the next round. 

OH! Okay, Maria is doing her own act. They should have been more clear, or I should have been paying more attention. I heard it both ways. She does her own balancing act and makes it through as well.

Next up is three incredible men who are in a singing group. They are incredible and so charismatic that it is no surprise that they make it to the next round.

We have a deputy dancer up next…and while he is funny, he gets buzzed by everyone. Although he is sent home, he made me laugh!

We get a montage of more rejects and then get to a dog act that looks like it has a pirate theme. I personally think it is cute, but the judges are torn. Simon then gets on stage to convince them to change their minds, Finally, Howie gives them a yes, as does Heidi. Simon of course gives them a yes and sends her to the next round. 

Next up is a young singer who wants to once again pursue his dream. His voice is the second coming of Luther Vandroos. My jaw is on the floor from start to finish. He is unanimously sent to the next round. 

We get more rejected acts…then we get to a variety act that is, according to Howie ‘the next Three Stooges.’  They make it to the next round. 

We then get to a boy band that reminds me of Boys II Men. They make it to the next round.

The next act has Heidi on stage. Somehow, these three men keep changing her outfit without touching her or having her move. They also change her look, into Mel B. and a whole lot more. It is amazing and has me wanting to grab my AMEX to see this live. They make it to the next round. 

Next up is magician Vinny Grasso. Howie is on stage with him and it looks like it is going to be another card trick. Howie checks for ear devices and then Vinny’s clothes come off to prove he isn’t wearing a wire. Then the card appears…interesting. He makes it to the next round.

The last act of the night is a cab driver from Miami that puts on the best opera performance I have heard since Andrew DeLeon. I always say I hate opera…until every season of AGT. WOW. He is incredible….I don’t know what else to say. He is in the next round. 

More next week! Stay tuned.

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