by Sammi Turano

Hello and welcome to America’s Got Talent on NBC. Tonight is week three of the auditions, which means we will see more people vie for the chance to get to the live shows. We will also see another Golden Buzzer act go straight to the live shows. 

Oscar Hernandez is the first one to audition. I fully expected him to sing, but he channels Titus Adromedon and dances to Nicki Minaj. He’s quite fun and I want to go have a drink with him. The judges compare him to the Laker Girls and send him to the next round. 

Next up, we have a husband and wife balancing act. It is quite interesting and they are adorable together. They are in to the next round. 

The next act is a limbo act and I am in pain just watching her.Apparently, this runs in the family and it is pretty cool. They are in the next round.

Kechi is a singer that survived a plane crash at the age of sixteen. She was only one of two survivors. Her story makes everyone cry and her voice gives me chills. She is sent to the next round. 

Big Benji is up next. She is 73 and while very adorable, isn’t quite the singer the show is looking for. She is sent home. 

We get a montage of acts and people hitting on Simon….including one with Basic Instinct moments. I don’t know what to make of all of it…uhhh…..no words.

The next act is a magician that splits in two, makes a woman appear and has her go on different adventures. I am already trying to figure out how to see this live. Wait, now there are two girls. They are two sets of twins. This is clever and I love this act. They move to the next round.

Next up is an Air Force song and dance group. I first want to thank them all for their service. They are actually quite entertaining and cute. Howie buzzes them, but thanks them for their service. However, they still make it to the next round. 

We then get to a montage of rejected acts, followed by Daniel Ferguson who sings like popular cartoon characters….and Simon. It is hysterical. He makes it to the next round. 

The next act is a family with their dogs. There is dancing, jump roping, balancing—and that is just the dogs. I love this and am laughing because my own dogs are being lazy at the moment. They are in the next round. 

Pumpkin man performs next and his dance is….interesting. Simon buzzes him and Heidi says no, so it is a tie. Mel B. goes on stage and refuses to leave until someone changes their mind. Finally Simon says yes and he goes to the next round. 

The final act of the night is 16-year-old Christian, who is a singer that lost his sight as a child. At 12, he went through an experimental treatment that helped him regain part of his sight. He is a powerhouse that completely takes my breath away. WOW. He kind of reminds me of Sal from last season. The judges are in LOVE with him and HOWIE GIVES HIM THE GOLDEN BUZZER!! His mom cries, Howie hugs him, Tyra hugs him and we all can’t stop crying. He even took the confetti, which was adorable. 

More next week! Stay tuned!

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