Written by Sammi Turano

Hello and welcome to America’s Got Talent on NBC. Tonight is the second night of auditions, where we see who will make it to the next round. One lucky person will also get to be the Golden Buzzer winner, which sends them straight to the live shows. 

Edna Moore comes out with her dog Mia Moore. She does tricks such as counting via barking, reading flashcards and counting the number on the card. We also find out Mia loves Simon. They get four yeses and move to the next round. 

Next up is Diavalo, which is a movement company. It is done to What A Wonderful World and is basically a contemporary dance on steroids. I don’t even know what to say in my recap because it is just that beautiful to watch. They make it to the next round. 

Chase Gohering sings an original song and is completely adorable. His voice and the message behind the song is beautiful, but the rapping really makes him stand out. He is going to the next round. 

After a small montage, we get to see a hand balancing act….with a blow up doll. Yeah….it is sent home. 

More montages….and then we have Paige and Artyon dance to Barbie Girl. It is cute and the lifts are quite impressive. Simon buzzes them, which upsets everyone else. They still make it to the next round. 

Big Brother alumni Nick Uhas does a fun science act. He has the judges do a helium act where their voices change. He then has Howie and Mel B. create a reaction with chemicals. He impresses and gets four yeses! 

Next up, we have Billy and Emily England, who do a roller skating dance act  that is insane! I don’t know what to say about it….it’s like the Houghs on skates. They make it to the next round. 

Angelica Hale is a little girl who got a kidney transplant from her mom. She is also going to be a big sister. She sings like a powerhouse diva. She opened her mouth and caught everyone’s attention. WOW!  She says Mel B. is her favorite, so Mel runs up and gives her a hug. She gets four yeses!

We then get to a danger act that scares me so much I go down and do my laundry. However, they make it to the next round. 

Next up is a man who does mind tricks with the judges that leads up to a cat named Oscar appearing. Seeing Simon cuddle with the cat is the cutest thing ever. I couldn’t even tell you what happened, but it was amazing. Off to the next round. 

The last act of the night is woman named Mandy Harvey who lost her hearing when she was 18. Her story is heartbreaking, but so inspirational. She is able to play the guitar through the feeling and visual tuners.  Her performance is AMAZING. Had you not told me she was deaf, I never would have known. The fact that she wrote the song is even more impressive. She gets the golden buzzer from Simon, sending her to the live shows. He hugs her, her dad hugs her, her interpreter hugs her—and we all cry! 

More next week! Stay tuned!


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