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By Sara

Tonight on Big Brother Canada we will see the POV competition and POV Ceremony. I've been waiting to see this episode since last Sunday. As I live feeders I have heard small details from the HGs as to what has happened but I want to see it. Kevin, in my opinion made a really dumb,dumb game move. I don't dislike Kevin I just don't think he's made any real game moves in this game...he's put up Demetres and Ika last week and Jackie went home. This week again he puts up Demetres and Ika...and well you will see in this episode what happenes after the POV.

So let dive right in...we pick up right after Kevin nominated Demetres and Ika for eviction. Hugs are given out to the feeds HGs that remain.

DR Kevin tells us Demetres has to go. We are in the final stage of this game and competition wins mean everything. If I can get Demetres out this week I can win  the final few competitions and win it all.

DR a not very happy Ika tells us it is one thing to put Demetres and I on the block but don't lie about broken promises Kevin Martin. Just say you are scared.

Ika and Demetres heading to the pink bedroom Ika is still pissed off about Kevin's broken promises statement.  Demetres says to her we saw this coming. Ika says to him how many broken promises has he made, 15 other people walked out of this house he was not one of them he's lied to people's face how many broken promises has he made.

She says sorry to Demetres he say no worries they continue to discuss that he is just using the broken promises as a excuse she just wants to omit that he's just scared. Demetres you are right and it a good thing you called him out on it.

They kiss and Demetres leaves and joins Karen, Dillon and Kevin in the kitchen.

DR Demetres tells us that him and Ika barely escaped last week. He doesn't know of they can pull off another miracle...unless lightning strikes twice one of us is going home.

Back to Demetres in the kitchen with Kevin, Dillon and Karen. It's pretty quiet. Ika joins them Demetres asks her is she wants some bacon she says ya.

Everyone sits at the island in a quiet, awkward silence.

Just looking at each other...then Demetres gets up to make the bacon.

DR Ika tells us that Kevin is NOT a logical player. Kevin thinks he is a logical player but he is very emotional. I am not holding back. What do I have lose at this point.

Back to the awkward kitchen...Kevin has walked away to the chair near the DR.

Ika says to Karen and Dillon was that to much I'm sorry. Karen says he (Kevin) is stressing out.

Ika says to them there was 16 people in this house we have all make broken promises and we have all lied. We have ALL done that. So don't make a speech about broken promises just say you are scared. Karen says he is so rattled right now. lol Dillon says nothing he looks scared.

Ika continues the only reason  I'm not going off on him is I don't want to be the target person that gets put on the block then goes off. I want to drag this guy and spill all his tea. (Spill tea = throw him under the bus)

I haven't said $hit about him to any of you guys but I have things to say. He is lucky...lucky I don't spill his team.  

Dillon tells her it's OK it's OK. Calm down. Ika says I'll calm down. (Ya not so much...) I'm just stating the facts.

Kevin tries to make his way up the stairs....Ika sees him.

Ika yells at him you have broken promises Kevin says he has. Well Ika goes in to full yell mode on Kevin  Kevin says he agrees made promises and has broken them. Ika doesn't feel like they should be singled out in making broken promises and Kevin should just omit he is scared. (Another good reason to watch this episode....the yelling is hard to recap you will not get the full effect of Ika's raff) ─╣OL Ika is LIT...Kevin doesn't stand a chance.

Right to the POV competition.

Sponsored by the new Baywatch movie.

Awesome setup in the backyard. Looks like a beach with life guard stations a ocean a boat on fire....pretty cool looking.

The Houseguests have each their own life guard station they climb a wall rescue 5 dummies from the water return them one at a time. Then they have dig throw the sand to find puzzle peices that spell Baywatch in the shape of a surf board. First one to complete the puzzle will win the POV and will get to watch a special screening of the Baywatch movie that hits theaters May 25.

The competition begins...

DR Kevin tells us how important this POV is...Demetres can not, win Ika can not win. I need to control all the power this week.

DR Demetres tells how much he needs to win this POV. They know if they don't get one of them off the block one of them is going home.

DR Ika tells us they need to win this POV. Kevin can not win  because he will keep the nominations the same. She knows these people will not leave the 2 of them in this house...it's just not going to happen.

The competition continues to play out....Kevin is in the ahead of Demetres.

Demetres can't find his last 2 dummies.

Ika spots the dummies Demetres is missing.

DR Ika tells us that in this challenge they CAN help each other out.  Ika has to tell him were he can find his dummies.

Back to the comp...and she tells Demetres his dummies are by the boat. He finds it.

Kevin and Demetres have found all their dummies and are both digging for their puzzle peices.  It's not easy the sand is think and heavy and there are a lot of puzzle peices.

Demetres finds all his peices first and get to work on his puzzle Kevin is not far behind.

DR Karen says she is far behind. This is not a easy challenge for her. But she is NOT going to give up.

Dillon has started working on his puzzle now as well as little behind Kevin and Demetres...DR he tells us it's anyone's game at this point.

DR Ika tells us she is to far behind and this no way she catch up. So her best bet is to stop and help Demetres. (Which is allowed)

Demetres thinks he has finished his puzzle...but it's not correct. 2 peices are incorrect. Kevin keeps going.

Both Kevin and Demetres finish but are wrong. They keep going...neck 'n neck

In the end Kevin finishes his puzzle correctly and wins the POV.

Demetres DR he tells us he can't even describe how he is feeling right now he was so frigging close...all he needed to was flip 2 peices on the "w". and he would of won.  He is devastated.

He feels like all of their hard work all season has just gone down the toilet.

Kevin gets the POV around his neck and he also won the special screening of the Baywatch movie he gets to pick 3 other houseguests to join him...he picks Karen and Dillon.

After the challenge Demetres is alone I  the Pink Bedroom. DR he tells us how defeated he feels. He knows himself and Ika are Kevin's targets this week so he doesn't expect him to use the Veto. One of them is definitely going home this week.

Ika joins him in the bedroom, they know their is not much they can do...the others will do what is best for their games. Demetres is so devastated that comp was his to win. Ika tells him he can't not beat himself up over the lost. They hug.

Flip to Kevin alone in the pantry. He tells himself he can't believe he won the Veto.  Now one in this house wants me winning stuff.  It's like a funeral in this house everytime I win stuff. I love it.

DR Kevin  tells he is completely alone in this house the others don't talk to him anymore.  But he has the Veto and he can do anything he wants with it. Kevin Martin is going to put himself in best position to win this game.  

Let's mix it up. Back to Kevin  in the pantry. He says  I don't have friends they are not my friends they all want me out. Why not mess with them a little but?

He leaves the pantry.

Nest on to Karen joining Ika in the pink bedroom Ika is in bed Karen sits next to her. Karen tells her I know you are so disappointed. Ika cries Karen hugs her and tells her she is too. Ika tells her she knows she is going to walk into jury and they are all going to cheer and be so happy to see me in jury with them.

Ika knows if he leave she will be gone next. She wants Dillon and Karen to save Demetres he has a better chance on getting to the end then she does. Karen tells her he (Kevin) tried to take them down so hard, but you have to think about the fight you have given him to stay. Sometimes evil does win...but not in the end. Karen tells her Dillon and Karen will keep Demetres.

Ika thanks her and says I appreciate you so much. Karen continues to comfort her.

After a commercial break Demetres exits the DR calling all HGs to the living room. He has a task from Big Brother.

He reads his card The Odyssey time regulator has malfunctioned and over the course do the day the may feel some glitches. If you hear a command from Big Brother you must obey or the house will be punished.

They go on about their day..DR Karen tells us we must go along normally with our day but out of no where Big Brother will order us to rewind, fast forward, slow down or pause/freeze what we are doing.

To start we see Demetres in the shower, Ika and Karen making food. Dillon at the pool table. BIG BROTHER tells them to fast forward. They all start to go FAST in what they are doing. BIG Brother says HGs pause. Everyone freezes. Ika and Karen are frozen at the table Kevin at the stove. Demetres putting on his shirt near the front door. Dillon by the pool.

The front door opens and a tour guide brings in a bunch of tourists. (LOL I love this task again another reason to watch)

They see Demetres the tour guide says this is Demetres he is the stud of the house. One tourist says are his muscles real. The tour guide says yes go ahead and touch. He's a comp beast.

Then down to the kitchen the tourists are taking pictures of Karen and Ika who are really still frozen. A tourist looks at Karen and asks if there is a age limit on Big Brother.  Then the tour guide says tissue is Ika watch out she can get mad really easily. They move on to Dillon in the pool area. The tour guide says supposedly he is a boxer but he looks like he had a fight with a buffet and lost. (lol) They take pictures with the champ. After a group picture with Ika and Karen the tour group leaves. Big Brother tells to Play they all freak out as to what just happened.

Next Big Brother says HGs slow motion. They all start moving in slow motion even when they talk. Then Big Brother says play...they are back to normal.

Then they are told to pause. Front door opens again. This time is BBCAN season  3 winner Sarah she is dressed like jester and has cream pie in her hand. She zings Kevin and puts the cream pie in his face.

She then moves on to Dillon zings him and he gets a cream pie in thr face.

Next Demetres, then moves onto Karen and Ika. Sarah leaves and Big Brother says hgs play.  

Next they have to rewind lol, Kevin in the pool swimming Backwards.  

Then Big Brother says HGs pause the front door buzzes open. Dillon Karen and Ika are all near the door.

Door opens and it's Dillon's mom and dog. His mouth drops open she tells him to not break his freeze son. He starts to cry. (I start to get tears in my eyes)

He is bawling his little dog runs over to stiff him. His mom tells him not only move she gives him a kiss on the cheek. She tells she loves him and what a amazing job he has done in the house. She tells him his niece is watches and misses him. Big Brother says HGs play. Dillon is bawling and hugs his mom.

DR Dillon tells us his mom is thr strongest person he knows she has sacrifice so much for him growing up he would give his life for this women. This is the most beautiful moment in the BB house for him.

We see Dillon playing with his dog Jake in the backyard.

Back at the top of thr stairs Big Brother says pause with that Dillon's mom and Jake the dog leave. Dillon is still cring.

Big Brother tells them to play and everyone heads over to hug Dillon who is still crying he thanks Big Brother for letting him hug her.

Back to the game Dillon and Karen in the kitchen. Karen asks him if Kevin have talked to him about who they are voting out  Dillon says no.

DR Karen says Kevin Robert Martin has won the Veto stick a fork in my eye. Worst case senerio. Karen says she wants Demetres to stay because it's better for her game he can get Kevin Martin out.

They believe he won't use he Veto. Dillon tells her he feels like they need to vote Demetres out. Karen tells him he only way we get Kevin out is if Demetres stays. Dillon implies that he can beat Kevin. Karen says you have stayed with me this whole time and I've told you what's best for our game. Demetres will be more loyal to us then Kevin. Dillon disagrees.

Flip to the washroom Dillon on the bathroom couch Karen doing her make up.  Kevin joins her. Karen asks Kevin if he is leaving the nominations the same. He says yes. They discuss who to vote out. Karen says for you the bigger game move is to send Ika to the jury house.

DR Kevin says Karen is telling me she wants Ika to go and Demetres to stay. That is the exact opposite of what I want.

Back to the bathroom Karen doesn't think Kevin can beat Ika at the end so she should go. Kevin says but Demetres is the biggest competition threat. Karen says but you keep beating him. Kevin says by the skin if his teeth. Dillon is not talking.  

Back to Kevin DR he says this is a big red flag that Karen wants to vote out Ika and keep Demetres. Kevin says maybe it's time to make a big (cough, stupid) move. So Karen doesn't even get the choice.

Bedroom Karen is talking to Ika and Demetres and says as a fan she really wants the right person to win. She cries. Ika says oh Karen don't cry. Karen says I want somebody to win that's deserving of the as a fan.  Ika and Demetres go hug her. Karen says I don't want Kevin Martin to win. Demetres says he won't. Karen says he doesn't deserve it.  Karen believes Demetres deserves to win. Demetres is touched. The 3 of them hug.

Time for the POV Ceremony.

Kevin tells us after he spoken to Karen he feels like he is convinced that he needs do something drastic (and stupid) and flip this entire house.

DR Demetres tells us he is defeated we know he is not going to save either one of us. Right now we are just sitting ducks.

Back to the living room Ika and Demetres get a chance to say why Kevin should use the Veto on them.

Demetres says I know you won't use the Veto on me because you are to scared to play against me in the F4 POV and you should be because I don't think you can beat me twice in a row. Don't use it.

Ika says you know Kevin you have always told people you are a logical player but all season you have been anything but logical. Last week when we tricked you, insteady of playing us, you were emotional and spilt all our tea like the queen that you are. So Kevin take you Veto and shove it right up your beep.

Kevin says he has decided to use the Power of Veto on Ika...lol Ika rolls her eyes...takes the Veto and sits down.  

Dillon looks very confused.

Kevin now have make a replacement nomination he says Dillon.

Dillon is confused actually they all are...he should of put up Karen.  (Dumb Dumb Kevin) Dillon says WHAT??

DR Ika says you guys know I'm Never Ever EVER speechless...she just sits in trouble DR speechless.

Kevin DR says I took Ika off thr block because Dillon and Karen were going to vote her out and he needs Demetres out of this house. No body saw that coming hopefully they this is thr final peice for new to take home that prize.

(This were Kevin has got it all wrong Karen was just saying she wanted Ika out. Dillon wanted to vote out Demetres not Ika. Kevin doesn't realize that Karen is with Demetres and Ika. Karen only wants 1 person out and that is Kevin. If Kevin  wanted Demetres out he should of put Karen up not Dillon or he could of left his nominations the same, split the vote and he would of been through tie breaker. Dumb move Kevin at least you still have the F4 POV to save yourself. Good luck with that...)

Tune in Thursday night at 8:00PM to find out who gets evicted Demetres or Dillon.


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