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By Sara

Tonight on Big Brother Canada is the Triple Eviction!!!

The triple eviction is by far my favorite twist BBCAN has ever had. I hate the instant eviction. The first triple eviction has happened once before in season 3. Kevin was a victim in triple eviction. He has said this season that his triple eviction haunted him forever after his season. All the houseguests believe tonight will be a double eviction.

Arisa welcomes us and reminds us that tonight the house will be hit by a big Shockwave a triple eviction. We dive right in to the end of the POV Ceremony Demetres just used the Veto on himself and Kevin replaced him with Jackie.

Everyone is hugging in the living room.

DR Demetres tells us he is safe which is great but Ika is still left on the block. The only good news is if there is one person to wiggle there way out of a mess...it's Ika.

DR Jackie says she's on the block again. She may as well hang some curtains and fluff some pillows and make it feel like home. She says this is basically where she has lived this whole game..

DR Ika says it sucks that she potentially be leaving this house and Demetres but these people have another thing coming if they think Ika Wong is leaving those doors without a fight.

Back to Demetres and Ika talking...

Ika says if she leaves this house over Jackie she wilk cry.  Demetres tells her if Kevin really wanted her out he would of put up Karen.

Ika tells him Jackie is going to campaign her button off.

DR Ika tells us people are flipping and flopping all over this house. She she doesn't know if she has the votes to stay this week.

Next on to Kevin and William discussing senerios. Kevin slightly pushing it on it William that for their games it's better that Ika stays.

DR Kevin tells us he knows he put Ika on the block but he is realizing now that Ika in this house is a bigger target them himself.  With the numbers being so small he needs these big number to protect himself.

Next to Jackie campaigning Dre.

DR  Jackie tells us she knows Dre wants a newbie to win. So it's best for her game to vote Ika out. Dre needs to know she can not vote with her heart at this point in the game. She needs to vote for who will be better for her game...right now that's me.

Back to Jackie pushing almost the reason why Dre should keep her over Ika.

Next too the bedroom Ika campaigning to William. Dre is in the room.

Ika asks William is he is going to keep her. Ika runs over and jumps over  the bed with him and Dre leaves to let them talk.

DR Ika says she knows she has Demetres vote and she is pretty sure she has Dre's vote. So she needs to secure 1 more vote.

William starts to question her on what she would do and he knows she is scared.  Ika tells him I'm not scared I just want honesty.  

Back to the DR Ika just want to know if she has his vote or not. That is it.  She tells us she and Demetres have kept William and Dre safe this whole game and they have been a shield for him.

Back in the bedroom Willam asks who she would put up next week if she won HOH. What would she do?

Ika is annoyed with his questions to her it's either I have you vote or not. She promised William she would not put him up if he saves her.

Back to the DR Ika says this kid is driving me insane. She jumps on the chair William just give me your vote.

We return to a clip of Bruno being welcomed into the jury house by Neda and Sindy. Sindy is still bitter st Bruno because he didn't give her a sympathy vote. She also blames Bruno for Neda's and Sindy's eviction.

In the end the jury say they don't want to be bitter.

When we come back from commercial break we get a clip of Demetres leaving the BBCAN house to take a ride in the Toyota 86 with the jury member of his choice.  (Part of his POV win) he choose Sindy. Demetres asks her a few questions as he drives. He asks her how his game is being viewed by he jury. Sindy says the see him as Ika's lapdog. She tells him he has done great in comps but he has nothing he can says is so 100% his move only. He asks her how he can get their votes. Sindy tells him he'd have to do something unexpected to show he alone made the move. With that the segment ends....it wasn't a long car ride.

Time for Eviction

Jackie and Ika give short speeches.

Demetres votes out Jackie

Karen votes out Jackie

Dre votes out Ika...audience boos.

William votes out Jackie

Dillon votes out Jackie

Jackie is evicted 4-1

Quick move on to Arisa telling the houseguests that a huge Shockwave has hit the house and tonight will be a Triple Eviction.

Kevin's jaw drops to the floor.

HOH competition called Big Brother Headlines

It's a Q/A The HGs answer if the headline Arisa reads is either "Real" or "Fake" news.

1st question everyone correct

2nd question Ika, Karen and William are out.

3rd question Dre is out.

4th question Demetres vs Dillon

Demetres wins HOH!

When we come back from a commercial break they show us Demetres and Ika discussing who to put up. They don't feel like they can put up Dillon and Karen because they just saved Ika. Ika doesn't want to put up Kevin because he deserves to be there over Dre and William. Ika feels bad for Kevin she knows he went out on a triple the last time he played. But why really have no choice but to put up Kevin.

Demetres makes his nominations...

Dre, William and Kevin.

Time for the POV competition called "Off the Block"  Demetres sits out.

The house guests have to run and find 4 shapes in a ball pit and return it to their shape slots the first one to buzz in wins.

Kevin wins the POV.

Kevin uses the POV on himself.

Demetres's replacement nomination is Dillon.

Time for Eviction

Ika votes to save Dillon

Kevin votes to save Dillon

Karen votes to save Dillon

Dre and William have been evicted from the BBCAN Odyssey.

That wraps up the triple eviction show.

Turn in Monday at 9:00PM to see who won the HOH competition and who they will nominate.


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