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Recap for Wednesday May 4, 2017
By Sara

Tonight on Big Brother Canada we will see the POV competition and Ceremony.

We pick up at the nominations ceremony Kevin has put Demetres and Ika on the block.

DR Kevin tells us he had to put up on the block because she has a amazing social game.  He doesn't believe he can beat her at the end. She has to go. He put Demetres on the block because he is Ika's so older Ika controls him in this game. He is a massive physical and mental threat. The only other person I wouldn't be able to beat at the end.

Everyone is hugging Demetres tells each of them no worries. Back to DRs.

DR Demetres says being on the block is not a surpise. He put Kevin and Bruno up last week and he sent his buddy Bruno home. He says he is not afraid to be on the block he had done it twice before and has won Veto and pulled himself down.

What concerns him is he is sitting next to Ika. If he wins Veto and pulls himself down then Ika is still on the block.

Back to the kitchen Kevin and William laughing about Kevin's speech because he called them the queen and her soldier.

Bridge Ika/Demetres they are now the house plague. Kevin wanted revenge for Bruno. He knows they were going to go up either way...it just sucks Ika gives him a pep talk and discuss their situation. Ika feels bad that Demetres is on the block because of her. Kevin just want to send one of us to jury and Bruno will be happy to see us.

Kevin joins them They ask him why? Kevin says he just feels like he can't trust them.  Kevin  tells really it just us going forward we just can't trust each other. Ika says and you think you can trust those people more. Kevin says he doesn't know.  He says he has to go with his gut.

Just like you (Demetres) went with your gut last week. After a awkard moment Kevin leaves.

Kevin heads up to HOH tells Dillon he doesn't care and he doesn't feel bad he put them up. Needed to happen.  Dillon continues to listen to IPOD but says everything for a reason.

They both think Ika us going to go off...this week is going to be bad.

We get switched to the bathroom Karen and Ika discuss that this is a game. Karen tells her in tears that Ika can be really mean to people.

DR Karen tells us how mean and bitchy Ika has been all week.

Back to the bathroom they continue to discuss how mean Ika has been. Jackie is in then bathroom now too listening to Karen tells Ika how mean she has been. Karen is in tears. Ika to is getting emotional saying to Karen that she has not been vicious and mean to her. Karen says fine but that's how I feel. Ika still doesn't believe she has been mean to Karen.  (She really hasn't been mean to Karen...Karen is still hurt she went up as a replacement nomination)

Karen says you have been cold to me all week.  Ika says fine I can understand that but not vicious and mean. Ika says if have felt like I was being cold to you then I'm sorry. I am genuinely sorry.

Karen apologizes to Ika for calling her vicious and mean.

Ika says she may be vicious and mean to other people (she glances at Jackie)

Jackie says oh so it's OK for you to be vicious and mean to other people.

Ika puts Jackie in her place tell Jackie not to talk to her. She is talking to Karen right now. To mind her own business.

She turns to Karen and says that's mean.

Commercial break....back.

Time to pick players for the POV competition.

Kevin - Dillon

Demetres - Dre

Ika -  Jackie  (lol Ika throws Jackie chip on the floor and stomps on it)

DR Ika tells us she is worried. She stresses she has to win the POV and Ave herself.

Bathroom Dre is telling Ika she can win it. Gives her a pep talk. They hug it out Ika is stressed and emotional. They tell each other I love you. You are my girl.

Don't cry.

POV competition Toyota 86 challenge.

One at a time.

First part they get to sit in the car and do a commercial using a teleprompter provided. They will read a script...as they read they will have to pick the correct options.

2nd part Then they have to race around a track and place signs with answered from a video they saw earlier in the season.  They signs must be placed in the order they were said.

3rd part is to out a giant puzzle together.

The Houseguests with the fastest time will win the POV.

They each run throw the challenge...

In the end Demetres wins the POV.

He gets to take the car for a drive and have 1 jury member go with him.

The house guests get a party with alcohol...they all get drunk and kiss each other except Karen.

He uses the POV on himself and Kevin replaces him with Jackie.

I have fast forward at the end because the live feeds have been going NUTS. Things went crazy making the rest of the show pointless.

Last night Dre flipped on Ika. She tried to get Dillon to flip with her but Karen told Dillon no way.  Karen, Dillon Demetres and Ika all talked about Dre and what she has been saying to each of them. Basically Dre blew up her own game.  Dre was mad at Ika because she told William that Dre would put up Kevin. Which is true but Dre never told this to William. William also told Dre that Ika made a F4 deal with Kevin.

As it stands right now Dillon, Karen, Ika and Demetres are together. They will save Ika and Dre have become the #1 target. What they still don't know is tonight is a Tripple Eviction the think it just a double. I can easily see Dre, William and Kevin in the block and any 2 of them will be going to jury.

If Kevin leaves tonight he has Dre and William to thank for sinking his game.

Tonight's Tripple Eviction is going to be epic.


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