Hello and welcome to Masterchef Junior on Fox. Tonight, our final 12 are at a campsite. They will be serving food at a cookout for the Boy and Girl Scouts. 

Evan and Peyton are the Team Captains. They choose their teams and then they have to cook a delicious meal. The Scouts will choose which dish is best. The entree is pork chops with two sides.

There is drama as usual with the kids not listening to one another and trying to do too much, such as make gravy. Chef Ramsay talks the blue team out of that, because you just don’t do that in the woods!

Sydney is upset the re team won’t listen to her logic that you can’t use baby potatoes for potato pancakes.  Finally Chef Ramsay takes her side and they decide to make something else. 

Shayne doesn’t want to make a vinegarette, but Chef Ramsay makes him scream for some odd reason. 

The blue team continues to mess up to the point where Chef Ramsay tells them to work or take off their aprons and leave. 

Each team then serves their food to the Scouts. Or at least they attempt to….the red team’s meat burns, causing a delay. However, they manage to catch up and get their food served.

The blue team continues to fight, which causes even more problems. They manage to get everything done, but the tension is high.

The Scouts vote on their favorite dishes and then the winner is announced. The winner by a 63%-37% vote, is the red team! 

The blue team now must do the elimination pressure challenge. They must make macaroons, which is a difficult cookie to make. 

Poor Lila drops her cookies. Chef Tosi and Chef Ramsay help her and calm her down as she starts over. 

The chefs taste each macaroon, giving their pros and cons on each. Chef Ramsay and Shayne get into an argument over his bacon macaroon—which doesn’t go over too well.

Peyton, Justice and Jasmine are SAFE and in the top ten. This means that Shayne, Lila and Gonzalo are in the bottom three. 

Sadly, it is Lila and Gonzalo going home.  I feel so bad for Lila especially, she had a tough time today. 

Join us for more next week!

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