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Tonight's episode of Survivor Blood vs Water opens with Tina and Katie parting as Tina heads to Redemption Island, while mother and daughter, Laura and Ciera, learn to trust each other.  Ciera offers advice to her mom and her mom finds it hard to take advice rather than give it.  Ciera is frank and tells us that if it takes her mom leaving for her to win, then her mom will need to go.

Jeff calls the tribe to the challenge on Redemption Island.  The competition calls for the challengers to throw a grappling hook in order to pull bags to their station.  They then move the ball through a maze.  Tina has the first good toss and follows it quickly by another.  Aras is not having the same luck, but Vytas gets his first bag.  As the brothers go neck and neck, Tina gets all bags in just four tosses.  Vytas gets his third bag and Aras follows quickly.  Tina uses her lead wisely and works hard to move the ball through her table maze.



Tina is nearly finished when her ball goes through the hole and she must begin again.  Tina is close to the center section and manages to get her ball through the danger and then into the center section.  It becomes a duel between Tina and Aras as Vytas gets his ball in and claims one of the two spots.  Tina and Aras both concentrate, and Tina gets her ball in the hole first, winning the second spot.  Aras has to head home.  Both men speak of their competitive nature, how they took advantage of each other, and finally, how they came together.  Aras hugs it out with Vytas and Tina and heads out, telling both of them there are no hard feelings. Aras learns that he is the first member of the jury.

WIth Vytas winning the duel, he offers the clue to the immunity idol to Katie, who decides to keep the clue. Katie is hoping that she will find the hidden immunity idol to keep herself safe.  She wants no chance of competing against her mom at Redemption Island.

Back on Kasama, Katie is thrilled that her mom is still in the game.  She finds a quiet spot and reads her immunity clue. She has an idea of the area of where the idol is hidden, and heads to the knarly tree where it may be.  While tribemates discuss hiding the digging implements to keep her from finding it, Tyson decides to keep the fact that he has it a secret.  

Tyson gets Caleb and Hayden together and talks to them about voting out Laura, and pull Ciera in.  They decide to gather the votes so that they can tell Ciera not to vote for her mom.  Hayden feels that Tyson has his back, and is feeling comfortable.  

Ciera pulls her mom aside and speaks to her about their options.  Ciera tells her mom that if her mom were not in the game, she feels she could get to final three at least.  She tells her mom that Laura would have to win every competition from now to the end to win, and in doing so, Ciera would get voted out.  Ciera tells her mom that if they get to six and her mom wins immunity, she will go home.  She doesn't feel that it is realistic for both of them to be in the final three.  Laura speaks about their relationship morphing on the island.  Ciera is afraid that she will wait and wait, her mom will win the necklace and she will go home. Laura tears up at the thought of her daughter becoming independent of her.  She says as a tribemate, she hated to hear it, but as a mother, she feels that it is a huge blessing and worth more than the million to watch how strong her daughter has grown.

Katie decides that she is going to spend the day looking for the idol, and then hopes to find her way into an alliance. Laura has concerns that if Katie is safe, she will be the next to go, so she decides to follow Katie.  Laura gets dubbed, Laura M., immunity idol hunter.  

Tyson feels that he is the big bad wolf and feels that he needs to reel Ciera in.  He tells her that both Caleb and Hayden are going to vote Laura out and she confesses that she knows her mom has to go.


Immunity Challenge

Jeff calls Kasama to the immunity and reward challenge.  The reward is hotdogs, cheeseburgers, fries, and soda, and the winner of the necklace gets to indulge to their heart's content. The challenge is a recycled one.  The tribe members must hang onto a ski rope tied to a post.  Their body at an angle, they  must hold onto a knot as long as they can.  At intervals, Jeff has them move their hands out by one knot, which puts their bodies at even more of an angle. Struggling from the beginning, Hayden goes, followed immediately by Caleb and at the second knot, Gervase and Ciera go.  As soon as they go to the third knot, Laura and Katie go down.  Tyson and Monica are holding on, but Tyson takes his splash into the water, and Monica wins immunity, her second in Survivor Blood vs Water.

Monica is offered the chance to share her food reward with another person, but she offers to give it up so the others can eat.  Jeff asks if it is a political gesture, and Caleb says that it could be, but responds that Monica is a mom first.  Monica says she can eat when she gets home, and immunity is enough for her. Jeff tells them to switch places, and the rest of the tribe gets to chow down while Monica looks on.

Ciera notes that he mom is the biggest target right now, and although she does not want her mom to go, she realizes that she might have to let her go.  She speaks with Katie, who says that she is still going to play the idol just in case.  Ciera also lies and tells her that she knows she doesn't have it because she has it.  Ciera is amazed at how quickly Katie folds her cards and believes her.  Ciera then goes to Hayden, Tyson, and Caleb and tells them that it is an easier move to take out Katie and she doesn't have the idol.  Tyson is not happy that Ciera is making a move on her own and tells the others that the plan to take out Laura still should stand.  Caleb privately believes that Katie could make it to the end and wants to take the opportunity to send her home.

Jeff calls the tribe to Tribal Council. Aras joins them as the first member of the jury.  Tyson comments that with the one pair left, they could be of a similar mind and protect each other.  Caleb says that Ciera and Laura are very competitive and it might be better not to take them out. Laura points out that they are a two for one deal and that is two votes, as well as you have no one in the jury lobbying for votes at the end.  Caleb wants to keep his word and go to the seven.  Katie says that it is a liability to keep two loved ones together because their bond is very strong.

nov20 survivor laura banishedThe votes:
Laura, Katie, Laura, Laura, Laura, Laura.  Laura is the eleventh person voted out of Survivor, Blood vs Water.  Ciera and Laura hug it out and Laura tells her it is okay.  Jeff says, "Laura, for the second time, the tribe has spoken.  You will have a chance to get back in the game."  Jeff tells the tribe that now there is no loved ones and they are fighting it out now for a game in which there is only one winner.

Next week on Suvivor: Blood VS. Water
Tyson has been running the show, but one plan can  turn everything upside down.  Others tune in to his strategy and worry about his chances at the win.

Laura speaks:
Laura thinks that it sucks that her daughter had to write her name down, but vows to keep fighting to stay in the game.


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