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Big Brother Chat
Guest hello jo Big Brother Chat (08.02.17, 09:00)(19:00) 0
cozy2 merry christmas and happy holidays to my grapevine family...tons of snow still here in mich..ill check in to see if anyone starts a BBC forum page..not sure when it starts...thanks for all the BBOTT interviews, i dont have facebook~!! see y'all here or on twitter!! Big Brother Chat (25.12.16, 09:32)(09:32) 0
cozy2 hope everyone has a wonderful christmas holiday and a super happy new year...bright for us all...see you in the summer! Big Brother Chat (03.12.16, 16:44)(19:00) 0
cozy2 Jason won final HOH~!! Big Brother Chat (23.11.16, 22:43)(19:00) 0
cozy2 hi, i just watched final HOH, and i iwll post right now, then one in morn when they wake up. im going out for dinner thurs afternoon ill be back for q & A.. Big Brother Chat (23.11.16, 22:43)(19:00) 0
timman Here for Veto Big Brother Chat (21.11.16, 15:49)(19:00) 0
cozy2 Hi everyone..its thurs 11/ i am again..ill do a blog around 11amBBT and go from there Big Brother Chat (17.11.16, 06:32)(19:00) 0
cozy2 i fell asleep last night, looks like shelby is HOH. this should be a scheming week! Big Brother Chat (11.11.16, 07:38)(19:00) 0
cozy2 hi i am for thurs.. Big Brother Chat (10.11.16, 05:36)(19:00) 0
cozy2 did anyone else have problem? att said if you were on cnn when it happened you lost your cable etc (i was), still trying to reprogram my tv! Big Brother Chat (05.11.16, 14:27)(19:00) 0
cozy2 hi. my cable/internet went out here thurs eve.lost volume, then pics, then everything...just got it back last night(fri)..sorry i just got back on today..ill look to see if im too late for week 5 game... Big Brother Chat (05.11.16, 14:26)(19:00) 0
Guest hi, here i am for thurs 11/3.. i will catch up while they are asleep and get started when they wake up at 10am Big Brother Chat (03.11.16, 07:30)(19:00) 0
timman Completely forgot game questions. Will be posting they will be due tomorrow. Big Brother Chat (02.11.16, 18:59)(19:00) 0
timman Will be covering Veto Competition when it starts today. Big Brother Chat (31.10.16, 14:06)(14:06) 0
cozy2 Al; this was a great Q & A, can you please post the pizza dance part? Julie had production put one of justins little diddys to music..its comical..made me laugh...4-4:08 pm thurs..thx Big Brother Chat (27.10.16, 20:34)(20:34) 0
cozy2 hi. i just got home, i am going to go back and cover the q & A .. Big Brother Chat (27.10.16, 19:29)(19:29) 0
cozy2 i am here for an hour or so,looks boring right now, i have to run to kalamazoo at 5pm if i am not back for Q & A, I will be shortly so i will back track or do another hour when i get home this eve. Big Brother Chat (27.10.16, 14:06)(14:06) 0
cozy2 hi. i am here for thurs, i will back track some and see who won HOH etc.. Big Brother Chat (27.10.16, 04:35)(04:35) 0
Sparks Im just sitting down now, haven't followed at all today. I have no plans for next Wednesday...I'll be here. Big Brother Chat (26.10.16, 19:25)(19:25) 0
cozy2 im going to set my alarmfor 3am (est). so i catch some hoh aftermath tonight! Big Brother Chat (26.10.16, 13:16)(13:16) 0
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