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About/Media Kit

TVGrapevine was founded several years ago by my friend and mentor Al Mellis. Originally a fan site for Big Brother, it evolved into a site that features entertainment news, celebrity interviews and more.

We have been on the red carpet for several big events, including America’s Got Talent, Celebrity Apprentice and The Critics Choice Awards and have been on the set for shows such as Psych, Fairly Legal and Covert Affairs. TVGrapevine has featured thousands of celebrities throughout the years and shows no signs of slowing down.

Our viewership varies based on the time of year, but we always get a lot of traffic during Big Brother season! As they say on that show, expect the unexpected from us!

We also do product reviews for our Sammi’s Favorite Things section. I have featured everything from food to jewelry and everything in between.

TVGrapevine welcomes anyone and everyone to be a part of a feature. As I (Sammi) says, everyone is a friend here!

Looking forward to meeting you,

xo Sammi xo

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