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ICYMI: The Amazing Race Recap for 11/16/2022

ICYMI: The Amazing Race Recap for 11/16/2022

This week’s episode of CBS’s The Amazing Race is a Mega Leg that takes us to Malaga, Spain. Once the teams arrive, they must head to Plase de la Marced to get their first clue of the leg.


The teams leave in the order they arrived at the pit stop. Emily and Molly all behind due to Emily’s knee injury.


Roadblock one! They must put together a Picasso painting called Three Musicians by aligning paint panels. The teams seem to struggle throughout the roadblock, but before long Claire finishes and is able to get the next clue with Derek. They are off to El Cubo!


Aubrey finishes next and heads to El Cubo with David. Michelle, on the other hand, gets more and more frustrated. She calms down thanks to Luis’s encouragement and finally gets it done.


Detour time! The teams must either do a fish fry to perfection or balance on paddle board while delivering a large cooler and life vests.


Emily finishes the road block and heads to the detour with Molly. Marcus and Michael continue to fall farther and farther behind.


Luis and Michelle do the balancing detour, while everyone else does the fish fry.


Molly and Emily miss the detour location and must try to get back. Once there, they do the fish fry due to Emily’s injury.


Marcus and Michael finally finish the roadblock and move on to the detour. They also choose the fish fry.

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Aubrey and David forget to salt their fish, but Derek comes to their rescue by explaining how to make the fish properly. He and Claire finish and get their next clue, which is a postcard with a landmark…which they must identify and find. Aubrey and David are not too far behind.


Luis and Michelle struggle, but manage to finish their detour. They also get the landmark postcard and go looking for it.


Meanwhile, Michael and Marcus and Emily and Molly are still behind and struggling. However, we must wait until next week to see what happens. Stay tuned!

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