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ICYMI: In Pursuit With John Walsh Captured 2

ICYMI: In Pursuit With John Walsh Captured 2

I just found this on my Discovery Plus, only to realize I never recapped it, so here we go!

Capture 1: Maurice Nesbitt, featured on the January 30th, 2019 episode. He was a rapper who was on the run after murdering his girlfriend Rashawn Jackson. Her family was not impressed with him while they were dating and worried about her safety. Her life came to a tragic end on May 27th, 2014, when she was murdered by Maurice.

He was eventually charged with her murder, but skipped town in 2017. Maurice remained on the run until April 19th, 2021, when he was captured and sent to prison. He was given a life sentence and fie additional years for possession of a firearm.


Capture 2: Jacob Blair Scott was featured on the show in January 2020. He was on the run after raping and impregnating his 14-year-old stepdaughter. This put him on the US Marshal’s 15 Most Wanted List.

He was captured and arrested 18 months later, indicted on 14 charges and is currently awaiting trial.


Capture 3: Leticia Smith. This story originally aired on March 18th, 2020.

On May 10th, 2015, Antione Smith was reported missing after failing to show up for work for several days. This was very unusual for the young husband and father, who never missed a day of work.

A welfare check was done, but nothing unusual was found, save for a strange smell they assumed came from the dog and warm weather.

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Another call was made to report him missing the next day, but this time, his daughters and wife Leticia are also missing. The house is checked again and this time everything is empty, except for a few suitcases. Further investigation found several towels covered in blood, which dripped to the floor. Antoine’s dead body was discovered, and Leticia becomes the primes suspect in the murder and kidnapping of the girls.

After seven years on the run, Leticia was captured in December 2021. She and the girls were in Mexico and she was arrested without incident. She is currently in prison and being held on two million dollar bail.


Capture 4: Leroy Headley. This case originally aired on January 15th, 2020. He was wanted for the murder of Annette Lumumba and was captured February 2, 2020 and arrested without incident.


Capture 5:  Jeffery Forrest. This case also aired on January 15th, 2020.  Jeffery was a youth minister who was wanted for several counts of sexual abuse against children. He targeted at risk kids and has been on the run since 2016. Jeffery is also on the US Marshal’s 15 Most Wanted list.

The Steele family took Jeffery and his wife Jen in when they were looking for a place to live. Don Steele remembered him as a good guy who seemed to care for the family. There was one incident where Jeffery was accused of fondling kids in a daycare, but Don became his biggest defender.

It wasn’t until years later that his own son Blake came forward and said that Jeffery had been molesting him for years, which caused him to spiral out of control.

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Jeffery was arrested in April 2015 and went on the run after being charged with said crimes in 2016.

His ex-wife Jen recalled when she found out that about Jeffery’s crimes. Blake also talks about the abuse he faced.

Jeffery was captured on May8th, 2020 in a drive thru store in Mexico. He was sentenced to 99 years in prison in April 2021.

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