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ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 11/14/2022: Your Father’s Kingdom

ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 11/14/2022: Your Father’s Kingdom

This week’s episode of Bob Hearts Abishola on CBS opens with Bob showing Abishola the place he picked out for the factory. She is panicking over it because it looks like a mess and also because it will cost a lot of money.

He tries to convince her it will be worth it in the end, but she thinks she is going to be sick. She heads to the bathrooms, but he tells her she might not want to go there.


The next day, Gloria is concerned because Abishola is chugging coffee. She offers her edibles to cope when Kemi comes in to offer her two cents and complain about her own issues with Chuey. This leads to the ladies talking about their man problems, including Abishola complaining about Bob and the factory.


Bob talks to Dottie about the factory and how she should talk to Abishola about how his ideas can lead into something big, just like it worked with her and his dad. She doesn’t want to help and Doug comes in to agree. Bob then offers him a position at the new factory, but he says that he is trying to make good decisions from here on out. He then tries to talk Christina into helping, but she is in her own funk about being a janitor.


Kemi goes to visit Chuey at work, but he doesn’t want to talk to her because he wants to focus on work. He also gets reprimanded by his boss, driving his point home.

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Later on, Bob goes to grab Goodwin to help buy the factory. He is unsure, but Bob convinces him to go for it.


That night, Bob goes home to tell Abishola, Tunde and Olu about buying the factory. Tunde and Olu are happy, but Abishola is furious and storms off. Bob apoligizes to Tunde and Olu, who convince him it is fine, despite not having their same issues.


That night, the ladies go out drinking.  Abishola says they are putting it on Bob’s tab, so Kemi orders more booze and food. They toast to Bob being an idiot, but Kemi is distracted by a man staring at her. As she goes to flirt, Abishola declares that she is so fun.


Kofo, Goodwin and Bob go to the factory with Goodwin’s wife. She acts happy, but snarky at the idea of it opening, but decides to take pictures and celebrate with the family. Bob hints that he wants an invite, but declines when he gets one because Abishola isn’t there to celebrate. He knows she is upset about the fact that he mortgaged the house, but Goodwin convinces him everything will be fine.


The ladies are still celebrating. As Kemi continues to flirt, Gloria and Abishola talk about how to deal with marriage issues. Abishola realizes that she loves Bob, while Gloria continues to text her husband, who cannot find the remote or his glasses.


Kemi comes back and comes to the revelation that she loves Chuey.

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Later on, Bob and Abishola have a heart to heart and make up….even though she put the night out on his tab.


The episode ends with Kemi visiting Chuey at the pharmacy, promising him  that she will listen more. They decide to ‘meet up’ on his break and she declares her love for him to everyone else on line.

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