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The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Ex Wives Club Premiere Snark and Highlights

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Ex Wives Club Premiere Snark and Highlights

  • Setting: Bluestone Manor
  • The Ladies: Dorinda (RHONY), Phedera (RHOA), Eva (RHOA), Taylor (RHOBH), Brandi (RHOBH), Tamra (RHOC), Vicki (RHOC) Jill (RHONY)
  • Does The Hulk have a penis? Oh, Brandi…..
  • Taylor looks so happy and cute….and Kennedy got so big!
  • Marco is the butler on this trip.
  • Dorinda’s pink outfit is so cute. She has such a classic look.
  • I forgot Taylor and Brandi were on RHOBH together and that they had issues.
  • Seeing how all the women are connected is quite interesting….this is going to be quite problematic….
  • I’ve never watched Atlanta before, but maybe I will now, these ladies seem quite entertaining.
  • WTF with this dead animal art?
  • Vicki not wanting to give back her engagement ring make sense….especially since she paid for it!
  • Dorinda’s impressions of a dude talking about his ‘wee wee’ is hysterical.
  • Did Brandi make a date with her driver?
  • Brandi’s jumpsuit is so cute. The fact that she took wine after Marco told her where everyone was is such a mood.
  • Pull out couch or no, I would be grateful for any kind of bed while on a vacation like this.
  • My friend Christine makes cupcakes and cookies like the ones Dorinda had with everyone’s pictures.
  • Brandi looking up everyone’s zodiac signs to see if they will get along is….quite interesting. Not going to lie, I would do the same thing.
  • Phedera and Eva are the most appreciative women ever…seeing their reactions to everything Dorinda did to make it nice is so sweet.
  • Dorinda sharing how she feels Richard at the house is such a beautiful thing.
  • “I’ll have a little more.” Dude fills cup to the brim. Brandi has a very different idea of a little more.
  • Vicki is 59? She does not look it at ALL.
  • WTF is a naked party?
  • “I’ve got stories to tell after this, that’s for sure!” Marco is enjoying this a bit too much.
  • Dorinda is a better person than I am….I would never let people in my bed if I want to sleep.
  • Tamra giving out hangover kits is probably a good idea.
  • So…..Tamra gives Brandi a gift and then Brandi picks a fight with her over something that happened years ago? What?
  • Wow, everyone is kind of picking at everyone right now.
  • Taylor, NO! You are one of the strongest woman I have seen in the franchise. PLEASE do not say you are weak.
  • Hearing Taylor talk about what she went through with Russell….and Brandi’s reaction is so triggering. I want to hug Taylor….and I am confused with how Brandi is reacting about how she felt when Taylor talked about her abuse….I totally get why Taylor was pissed.
  • Why is Dorinda feeding Phedera lobster? Now I want lobster!
  • Brandi making Taylor’s situation about herself and claiming she did nothing wrong in how she treated Taylor in season two is in VERY poor taste.
  • Anndddddd of course this all ends in a fight.
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