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The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Ex Wives Club Episode 2 Snark and Highlights

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Ex Wives Club Episode 2 Snark and Highlights

  • When we last left our heroes, they were all fighting and Vicki was being told to STFU. She is understandably pissed off by this.
  • Brandi is completely drunk, so Phaedra checks in on her while she goes to bed. She also tells her to be kind and gently tells her to watch what she says.
  • Everyone else trash talks Brandi…..before switching the topic to sex, vibrators and how Dorinda is like Barbie down there…..all righty then.
  • Of course, we now have a vax/anti-vax debate and talk of COVID. Not touching this one with a ten foot pole.
  • Don’t talk about politics, don’t talk about religion, don’t talk about vaccinations.
  • This Make it Nice montage for Dorinda is cracking me up!
  • These girls need to be kept on a short leash….Amen Dorinda.
  • Breakfast, pedicures, cocktails…..this is a great vacation day!
  • Dorinda getting mad at Brandi for eating in her bedroom is justified, but I also why Brandi wanted to be alone.
  • Brandi not remembering yelling at Taylor and the stuff she said about Russell is……concerning.
  • Having everyone wear a chill pill is such a good idea….and it was sweet of Dorinda to give one to everyone as a gift was sweet.
  • The bond between Taylor and Eva is so sweet.
  • Jill from RHONY is in the house…..and she made it awkward. However, the ‘Surprise’ shirt with her dog was a nice touch.
  • Wow, Jill dissing the Manor that Dorinda freaking OWNS is so rude.
  • Why is Jill’s boyfriend there? To just take her dog home?
  • Dorinda is already exhausted by Jill. As an aside, does Jill get a pedicure.
  • So….do they like Jill or not? They seem to have nice things to say about her, but also seem to be annoyed her at the same time.
  • This QVC parody is hilarious.
  • Maybe Vicki just needs to decompress…doesn’t mean something is wrong.
  • Okay, so she is upset over her break up….that is understandable.
  • Hearing Taylor talk about what she went through with Russell and how she wishes she could have taken Kennedy out of the situation earlier breaks my heart, especially when it came to how much she knew.
  • Eva coming out with her own story of abuse is also heartbreaking.
  • I am so glad both women are okay and happy.
  • This coffee reading is quite interesting. I might actually do this one day.
  • I never read my coffee because I have never seen words in my coffee….oh, Eva!
  • WTF with Brandi calling the chef’s wife a lesbian?
  • I am a bit disappointed we didn’t hear any of the readings.
  • Annnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddddd, they are fighting again!
  • Her eyebrows made Brandi think the woman was+ a lesbian? WTF?
  • Brandi comparing Taylor’s yelling to her meme with the cat was…..a choice.
  • Dorinda sticking up for Brandi and justifying her behavior isn’t good when she is attacking someone so viciously.
  • Next episode soon!
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