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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Snark and Highlights for 6/22/2022

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Snark and Highlights for 6/22/2022

  • We are way past champagne….time for something stronger! Bring the tequila.
  • It is interesting to hear how the ladies who are divorced get along with their ex-husbands. It is nice to see they get along.
  • Not agreeing with Erika, but she does bring up an interesting point about how a doctor’s wife would not get blamed if he did something problematic.
  • Sutton and Erika getting along… long will this last?
  • The moment with Lisa reflecting and talking to Lois was such a sweet moment.
  • Sutton being a vegetarian who eats bacon reminds me of Penny on The Big Bang Theory saying she was a vegetarian who LOVES steak.
  • Now it seems like Sutton and Crystal are hashing things out too? Will this one last?
  • Erika being on meds and drinking like this is…..worrisome.
  • Sutton comparing Erika to mud pie melting on a plate made me laugh so hard….even though it was kind of rude.
  • This boat ride is more or less the girls doing their own thing in their smaller groups.
  • Chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, salad for lunch, protein for dinner and a Gilligan’s Island reference….drunk Erika is quite fun.
  • Why is Crystal grinding on Garcelle as she removes her cover up?
  • It is a good think Denise is not on this trip because they are talking about THREESOMES!
  • Of course they are singing Erika’s music….although it is catchy.
  • Diana stepped on a jellyfish, so now Erika wants someone to pee on her? I don’t get it.
  • Did Erika sleep through the entire second half of the trip?
  • How did she ruin the sofa with her makeup?
  • Xanax and alcohol don’t mix. Thank you, Captain Obvious!
  • Three margaritas, three espressos and Xanax….that seems like a BAAAADDDD ideas.
  • Sutton calling Garcelle Can Opener because she opens….cans of worms?….is hysterical.
  • I am floored that Lisa reached out to Denise. I am not surprised that Garcelle texted her and Denise was like WHEN?
  • Wait…some dude pulled his pants down and swung his junk on the boat? WTF?
  • Seeing Erika and Sutton bond over Sutton’s date is kind of cute. I hope they can patch things up, but based on Sutton’s confessionals. I doubt it.
  • This trip…..was actually one of the less problematic trips we have seen on the franchise.
  • Get over the damn bacon thing already. Sometimes people who avoid meat sometimes eat it….maybe she likes it as a treat, jeez.
  • Okay, meanie pants is my new favorite insult. It was rude for Diana to tell Sutton she couldn’t sit with her and to sit in her original seat.
  • More next week, stay tuned.
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