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So You Think You Can Dance Quick-Cap for 6/22/2022

So You Think You Can Dance Quick-Cap for 6/22/2022

Top 12: James “Lord Finn” Thomas, Virginia Crouse, Jordan Betscher, Waverly Fredericks, Anna Miller, Beau Harmon., Thiago Pacheco, Essence Wilmington, Carter Williams, Ralyn Johnson, Keaton Kermode and Alexis Warr.

Pair 1: Ralyn and Carter–Contemporary.

Pair 2: Alexis and Keaton–Cha cha cha

Pair 3: Virginia and James–Contemporary

Pair 4: Jordan and Waverly–Jazz

Pair 5: Anna and Beau–Contemporary

Pair 6: Essence and Thiago–Hip Hop

Everyone danced very well, but since it seemed to go by quickly, it was hard to really get a feel of what the dancers were doing. I miss the two hour format where the dancers had more time to perform and we got to know everyone better.

Bottom 4: Virginia, James, Waverly and Jordan

Eliminated: Virginia and James

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