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Masterchef Junior Finale Recap for 6/23/2022

Masterchef Junior Finale Recap for 6/23/2022

  • I am so glad all the kids are back to cheer Grayson and Liya on.
  • So, the kids get a trophy, $100,000 and a state-of-the-art kitchen with top of the line appliances and gadgets….and an all expenses paid Caesar’s Palace trip? WOW.
  • Liya and Grayson must make an entree and dessert in three portions for each judge.
  • Ivy is in the audience in a cute sailor outfit…I think I had a similar one as a little wee one.
  • I love that both Grayson and Liya are paying homage to their cultures and hometowns. It is a beautiful thing.
  • Grayson cooking venison is such a risk, but I think it might work.
  • Oh no! Grayson’s smoking gun isn’t working properly. Come on, you got this honey!
  • Oh, good, it’s fixed!
  • Liya’s scallion pancakes look delightful!
  • Grayson’s dish: venison loin with whipped potatoes and a blackberry garnish. The venison is a hit, but the potatoes could have been creamier.
  • Liya’s dish: Duck breast with scallion pancakes and miso eggplant. Her dish is a huge hit all around.
  • Dessert round! It all comes down to this!
  • I have mad respect for these kids for being able to focus and work with all this noise. I would be having the mother of all anxiety attacks….not even kidding.
  • Liya seemed to have a scary moment with her panna cotta, but it seems like it worked out.
  • Grayson’s dessert: grapefruit curd with sorbet. Adding the crunchy cereal ‘for fun’ was such a cute idea. It is a refreshing dessert that wins the judges over.
  • Liya’s dessert: coconut pandan panna cotta with tapioca and passionfruit. It is simple, rich and delicious.
  • Liya, Grayson…I will be the first in line behind the judges for all your restaurants.
  • LIYA WINS!!!!!!! MAZEL TOV, GIRL! Westchester, NY REPRESENT!
  • Grayson is a class act in how he hugged her and stepped aside so she can have her moment, like a true gentleman, my hat goes off to him and his parents too.
  • Here is to a very happy season!
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