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The Real Housewives of New Jersey Snark and Highlights for 2/15/2022

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Snark and Highlights for 2/15/2022

  • Seeing Dolores with her kids is adorable, but it is kind of weird that Gabby calls her and Frank by their first names. I could never do that, but that it is just me.
  • I had no idea the kids never lived with Frank….at least Dolores is honest about the family dynamic and Gabby is willing to call out the BS.
  • Gia’s clothing line looks so comfortable and I love how it spawned from her song.  It is also sweet that she included her sisters in the photoshoot.
  • Milania is a daddy’s girl through and through. There is no reason to force her to go see Joey when she made it clear he hurt her.
  • That food the guys are eating looks LEGIT amazing.
  • Frank is man enough to admit he fucked up with Dolores, but he needs to realize WHY she and Gabby are pissed off.
  • It’s sweet how all the men know and realize what an amazing woman Dolores is and agree that she was the perfect wife.
  • Frank, Joe and Joey all want to re-enact the Luis video? Did I understand that correctly?
  • ‘You were kind enough to show me what your bra looked like.’ That made me laugh more than it should have.
  • Hearing Jackie talk about her eating disorder and how recent events triggered her is breaking my heart. I REALLY hope that Evan helps her through this.
  • Jackie admitting that she needs a therapist probably helped a nation. So many people are too afraid to admit they need help.
  • Why would you want to do a frat party with your friends? I went to one in college, left after a half hour with my roommate and we spent the rest of the night eating junk food and watching Family Ties. It was SO overrated.
  • The Giudice/Gorga dinner looks incredible, but Joey should be more respectful when it comes to listening to Luis. He is actually making a lot of sense when it comes to having them admitting faults and getting everything on the table.
  • Milania and Gia are the voices of reason in this family dynamic. I am glad Joey is beginning to see the error of his ways.
  • I am glad everyone is finally beginning to see how Luis’s plan was actually a good one.
  • Frank is the designated keg stand holder for the women. All righty, then.
  • It isn’t an episode unless we hear about ‘Tarzan.’
  • I am not sure how I am feeling about Traci. I get that she wants them to be kind, but she is coming across as so self-righteous.
  • Dolores and David broke up for good? I think she is handling it with such strength, class and grace.
  • The pineapple ice sculpture is amazing. I want one….no idea what I need one for, but I want one.
  • Dolores is right, there was no reason for Jackie to tell Jennifer she was not her friend. Is she five?
  • This whole you’re better friends with me than you are with her is hysterical. Again, are they five?
  • Everyone seems shocked that Dolores is pissed off…..but WTF did she call Jackie?
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More next week, stay tuned.

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