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Big Brother 23 Recap for 8/22/2021: Who’s On The Block?

Big Brother 23 Recap for 8/22/2021: Who’s On The Block?

Tonight’s episode of CBS’s Big Brother 23 kicks off Sarah Beth’s reign as HOH. She is the season’s first female HOH, which is amazing….but what is NOT so amazing is that she was a target last week, so everyone (especially Tiffany) is upset she won.


The Cookout is worried that they will have two members of the alliance on the block. Big D and Xavier tell Kyland how they feel about this, but he tells them not to worry.


Xavier thinks he may be safe because he and Sarah Beth are both former Kings, but is still worried about his alliance.


Tiffany, for her part, thinks that she, Azah, Hannah and Big D are the main targets this week.


Derek and Alyssa plan to ensure safety with the high roller game, because they too, think they are targets due to how things went down the week Christian was evicted.


Big D and Tiffany fight over what went down during Derek’s HOH reign and how she feels disrespected.


Sarah Beth wants to put Alyssa and Xavier on the block, but Kyland still wants to protect Xavier. She then considers putting Derek up, but also wonders if she should put up two pawns because of the upcoming gameplay.


Later on, Sarah Beth talks to the other houseguests to see what they plan on doing if they win the power and if they will end up using it. However, no one really gives her a straight answer.

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Claire and Derek talk about targeting Xavier to see how Tiffany reacts. As they see her become shocked, they come to the conclusion that there is another alliance.


Oh, and they think Azah is working alone.


Nomination time! Sarah Beth puts Big D and Claire on the block….but it is not personal, just the game.


Neither nominee seems to care they are up now, knowing the gameplay could save one of them. Big D also plans to save his money so he can play next week and turn the game on its head.


Game time! Each houseguest gets money to play the game…..Claire gets 100, but it is not enough.


Azah’s additional 50 gives her 100, but not enough to play.


Hannah’s 75 is added to her leftover money from last week, but she decides to save her money….as does Xavier, who also gets 75.


Big D and Derek also decide to save their money for the next game, having each earned 100.

Kyland doesn’t have enough to play, nor does Sarah Beth.


Alyssa is the only one with enough money that decides to play. She spins on a roulette nineteen times as it tips around. She wins by default and takes Big D off the block.


In a twist of fate, her roulette spin puts Xavier on the block….and we have to wait until Wednesday to find out what happens at the POV comp. Stay tuned!

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