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Big Brother 23 Recap for 8/18/2021: Who Won POV?

Big Brother 23 Recap for 8/18/2021: Who Won POV?

Tonight’s episode of CBS’s Big Brother 23 opens with Kyland worrying about  the Veto Derby because he might have to choose new people to put on the block if Big D and Claire are both taken down.


Big D acts like he is a target, even though he asked to be put up as a pawn. However, at this point Claire is the target. If he has to put someone else up, he is considering Alyssa or Britini.


Big D, however, doesn’t know this and moping around. However, he doesn’t want Azah to use the Veto because then it means another Joker going up on the block.


Azah doesn’t trust Kyland.


Britini feels safe and thinks she won’t go on the block.


Tiffany talks to Kyland in hopes of getting Claire off the block. However, Kyland says she is a target for naming Big D, Xavier and Azah as her own targets. Tiffany tries to convince him this is not so and that he should go for Britini instead.


Veto time! Claire, Kyland, Big D, Alyssa, Azah and Britini are playing OTEV.  Before that, they all bet on each other.


OTEV reminds me of old school Double Dare with an obstacle where they have to grab a jellyfish and put them on a correct answer. The last one to get there is eliminated.


Order of Elimination:

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Big D







Kyland threw the competition to Alyssa in order for both of them to get POV and so Claire can get off the block because now she is no longer a target?


Afterward, Kyland and Sarah Beth talk about who they would target depending on who is on the block. Sarah Beth wants to get rid of Big D or Britini if she is a replacement.


Kyland then talks to Big D, who wants Kyland to put Derek on the block because he is not happy with having Britini on the block.


Sarah Beth tells Britini about the plan, which leads to her crying and calling out Kyland. Once she realizes what is going on, she goes into the DR and goes OFF.


Azah and Big D calm her down and she vows revenge….which we might see tomorrow. Stay tuned.



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