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America’s Got Talent Recap for June 22, 2021

America’s Got Talent Recap for June 22, 2021

Tonight’s episode of America’s Got Talent on NBC features another round of auditions. Terry Crews hosts, while Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara and Howie Mandel sit at the judges’ table.

Shuffleution: They are a dance troupe that have only been working together for three months. I have to say, their dancing really brings me back to my cheerleading days. I love their energy, their movement, their chemistry, everything is all there and I am here for it! They get four yeses from the judges.


Pam and Casper: Pam is a singer and Casper is her puppy dog who performs at her side. She sings All By Myself (which seems to be a popular audition song this season) and he joins her at the chorus. They are definitely adorable and will probably win over the animal lovers watching. They also get four yeses.


Brooke Simpson: She is incredible! I remember when she was on The Voice a few years ago and her voice has only improved with age. It is like fine wine. I think she is definitely going to make it to the live shows and possibly the finals. Four yeses.


Roman Kricheli: He is a contortionist who was on the Romanian version of the show a few years back. The act starts off kind of slow and even gets buzzed by Simon. It isn’t until he gets himself into a box that he wins everyone over. His daughter comes to the stage, crying with pride. He gets four yeses and Simon takes back his buzzer.

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JW Inspirational Singers of NYC: They are another choir who have enjoyed fame on TV and in film. Not only are they amazing singers, but they add dancing, which really drives the performance home. There are a lot of singers on stage, but they are fantastic and seem to work well together. They get four yeses.


Shoji: He is a nine year old magician and talented beyond his years. He does a card trick with the judges and has to be one of the most adorable kiddos we have seen on the show. He cries when all four judges send him to the next round.


The Other Direction: They are a boy band parody who met at choir camp. They consider themselves to be the gayest boy band ever and came out to each other when they were preteens. They sing an original song and completely win the judges over. Their personalities and spirits are so contagious and it is no surprise they are unanimously sent to the next round.


Charley: He is a ventriloquist who is sent home fairly quickly….moving on….


Josh: He is a comedian with cerebral palsy and makes jokes about his life. He quips that this was the best Make A Wish ever at the end of the act. The judges think he is amazing and send him to the next round.


After a couple of nos, we get back down to business.


Jimmie: He sings Tomorrow from Annie and while Simon isn’t sold on it at first, he is completely blown away at the second try. He is so good, in fact, that Sofia gives him the Golden Buzzer, but not before pretending to not like his singing.

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Danila: She is an acrobat who considers her mom to be her hero. Her act is done while she is being held by her hair….how this even works, I have no idea, but it sure is fascinating to watch! I would end up with a major migraine at the end of this! She gets four yeses.


Ryan and Amberlynn: This is their third attempt at making it on the show with their danger act. Simon and Sofia help them out and it is scary to watch because Sofia is attempting to shoot Simon. He pretends to be dead, but is really okay. They are onto the next round.


More next week, stay tuned!

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