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The Amazing Race Finale Recap for 12/16/2020: Who Won Season 32?

Tonight is the season finale of CBS’s The Amazing Race. Will and James, Hung and Chee and Riley and Maddison head to New Orleans to begin the final leg. As they all take off, they discuss their relationships and how far they have come since the beginning. They are also glad their alliance made it to the final three.


Once they land, they head to Louie Armstrong Park via taxi. Riley and Maddison fall behind when their taxi gets lost.


James and Will arrive first and find out they must collect Mardi Gras beads at a parade by jumping on a float. The task is to get fifty gold and fifty red beaded necklaces before getting their next clue.


Hung and Chee are in second place, while Riley and Maddison are in last place and still lost.


Roadblock! The teams must find a baby in a King Cake and eat some beignets. James and Will complete the task first and head to the next Roadblock. The other teams are now at the first roadblock. Hung and Chee finally find the baby in the cake, while Riley and Maddison continue to struggle. However, once they see that the baby is smaller then they realized (thanks to Chee and Hung’s initial mistake), they look again to see if they somehow missed it.


Roadblock 2! The teams must jump off a bridge over the Mississippi River and catch the next clue. James catches the clue on his first try and ends up at Mardi Gras World, where he must roll a ball to the next clue and then put together a globe puzzle….but not before they rappel down a bridge. Once they finish (after two attempts), they head to the final pit stop of the race…..The Superdome!

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Hung and Chee and Riley and Maddison are still working on the second Roadblock when James and Will find out they won season 32 of The Amazing Race! The two make the win even sweeter by getting engaged!


Hung and Chee come in second place, while Riley and Maddison come in third.


Congratulations to James and Will and see you next season.



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