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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills S10, E15 Recap: Showers of Lies

We are at the penultimate episode of this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The ladies are back home, living their lives and preparing for Teddi’s baby shower.


Lisa is doing an exercise class with Amelia, Garcelle is with her sons, Erika is prepping for Broadway and Teddi is putting her nursery together.


Later on, Garcelle meets up with Denise, who thanks her for having her back. They discuss what might happen when they all meet again and how Aaron is aware of everything happening.


Garcelle also points out how Rinna has changed and has no idea why, while Denise says she cannot trust her anymore. She is also very proud of how Denise stood up for herself in Rome.


Denise also says she isn’t really a fan of Teddi.


Dorit and Kyle get ready for the shower, which is at the restaurant Dorit is designing. They discuss Denise and wonder if she is coming. Dorit thinks Denise is a tough cookie, but is a bit worried because Kim and Brandi are attending.


Lisa is going through Amelia’s room and helping her move into her new place. She has a one bed, one bath for $5,270 a month. They discuss her therapist and life moving forward. She is 100% recovered for one year, which is great.


Lisa asks Amelia if her Instagram dancing contributed to her eating disorder, which leads to a shaming discussion. Amelia thinks it is unfair to blame her for her problems.


Everyone arrives to Teddi’s shower and it looks as if Lisa and Kim are getting along. Amelia is dating Kim’s daughter’s brother-in-law, so they might be related via marriage one day.

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Denise is sick and not attending the shower. Kyle thinks she is lying.


Teddi is touched and thrilled about the shower. She also loves how Erika has pink hair in honor of Teddi having a girl.


Kyle makes a speech and they discuss how much fun baby showers can be, especially if it is for Andy Cohen.


The topic switches to Erika’s Broadway debut, which Lisa makes about her. Garcelle calls her out on it, but Lisa denies it, saying she is sad that is what she feels.


Garcelle apologizes and leaves with Sutton. The ladies prepare for Brandi’s arrival, while trash talking Denise.


Brandi arrives and talks about how she spent Thanksgiving dessert with her ex, their kids and his wife LeeAnn Rimes.


Dorit talks to Brandi about honesty and Kyle tells her about what happened in Rome. Lisa again makes it about her and Brandi points out that she doesn’t know anyone else. Teddi kicks her friends out (wow, crappy!) and they get into all the details about Rome and Denise.


Brandi goes into very graphic detail about what she did with Denise and how Aaron can never know. Teddi says Denise said this never happened, while Dorit says she believes Denise. Brandi shows the texts, which shows Denise was allegedly lying.


Lisa says that everyone is involved and Brandi needs to talk to Denise.


Erika leaves for Broadway on her own private plane.


Lisa and Kyle talk about the baby shower and Denise. They feel duped and upset about Denise lying.

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Season finale next week, stay tuned.

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