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Thursday March 30, 2017

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Big Brother 17 Updates "Isn't That Rude?" 1:00 am BBT, Saturday 8/29/15 #BB17 #BBLF

Bathroom: Vanessa talking about no finishing law school... says she took a "leave of absence" after two years. Julia talking about Johnny Mac... (don't ask me, she is making no sense... everything is a conspiracy to her). Vanessa worrying that JMac will win POV and take down James. Says she would have to put up a replacement... says it would have to be Steve... Steve returns from the DR.

HN: JMac, Meg and James. Talking about finding comfortable positions in the dental chairs. Bantering between Austin/Liz (in James' bed) telling them to make sure they clean up the camp site... James says they will do so much camping when they get to the jury house - says Austin will blow a head gasket.  Laughter.  Meg says 26 more days. James says it is like a prison sentence!

Bathroom: Talking about Steve's eviction night speech.

HN: James says imagine being locked in this house for life. Says he could do it if they gave him his cell phone.

Bathroom: Talking about changing diet and relieving the gas. Steve says he would if he was in a serious relationship. Julia wants to know if he farted in front of his girlfriend.... and we're back to discussing the safe issue - school. Vanessa changes the subject to what the comp will be tomorrow. Steve says he is hesitant to guess, but would guess counting. Steve walks away to fart...

HN: James says he was born in '85. Meg counts on her fingers and says so you are 31.... He says no, he was born in '84, counts on his fingers and says, yeah, 30 plus 1 is 31. (WTH?) Now Meg is trying to figure out what year JMac was born in.

Bathroom: Vanessa has left the room. Julia and Steve talking about healthy foods like a salad a day.  Discussion about farting on slop. Julia tells Vanessa goodnight. Steve says no more bothering you? She says I think I'm going to bed. Steve tells her good night. Julia says at least you don't have to sleep in the HN room... whining about she wishes she had done it in the pork chop week.  Liz comes in whining about them closing the yard at 8 or 9. Tells Steve he will be up all night. He offers to play chess. She says no. Steve talks about taking a shower, says he takes a shower every night. Liz says we know that from scamper cam.

HN: JMac asleep. James and Meg throwing zingers at each other. Meg tells James to go kick rocks. James says you should say go kick some rocks...

Bathroom: Twins questioning Steve about if he would ever move back home. He says no, he is going to grad school next. Liz talking about the songs she requested from tomorrow. Julia says she will play chess with Steve tomorrow... Julia says she plans to wrap her face in cling wrap to scare Austin and, if it works, then James. Liz and Julia arguing over who gets to scare Austin (this is so juvenile...) Liz goes into the bedroom with Austin... Julia tries to sneak it... how can you sneak up on someone when you laugh and try a forward roll... yes, she did that! Julia leaves then returns and jumps on the bed... Steve jumps on the bed too. They tells the lovebirds to have a good night and leave again. Austin tells them they need to stop, they have a veto tomorrow.

Kitchen: Steve snacking on chips. Julia wandering around, whining about him eating chips at this hour. He says because I can. Julia whines about the dentist chairs. She offers to play a round of chess... Back to talking about scaring Austin tomorrow. She wants Steve to help her make a mask with cling wrap. Steve says this sounds like a really bad idea... you could suffocate or something. She decides to try aluminum foil... Steve stands watching and laughing at her. She doesn't like the mask, wads it up and throws it at Steve. She then shows him the bites on the back of her neck. She gets more foil and tries again... Puts on the foil, blanket over her head and runs to the Purple room... Austin whining about how she hurt his leg jumping on the bed...

Kitchen: Julia whining about Austin telling her to go to bed because they have veto tomorrow. Steve tells her she just needs to go to bed.

Comics room: Steve gets his clothes for his shower.

HN: Julia making up her chair... leaves and goes to the bathroom and joins Steve. She whines about how James and Meg are in there talking. Says how am I supposed to go to bed with them talking... isn't that rude? (someone just ran over her with a truckload of irony...)

Bathroom: Steve showering.

HN: Julia in her dental chair. Silence.

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