Tonight Survivor Game Changers begins with eight players left, and returning from Tribal Council Andrea twigs to Sarah's duplicity. Andrea thinks that it might be time for her to go, and Cirie thinks that Sarah has screwed over so many people that she may be beatable in the finals. Sarah tells us that when Sierra's name came up, she faked a look of shock and it worked as she was willed the advantage. She now has two advantages, her steal the vote as well as the Legacy Advantage. She muses that it may be time to take out Andrea.

Jeff opens the day with an immunity challenge. He tells them that with one hand they will balance a balancing board while simultaneously building a house of cards on the table. Sarah is building quickly while Andrea drops her stack and Aubry takes the lead. Troyzan is building slow and steady, Tai is last, but Michaela is right on Aubry's tail. When Michaela drops her stack, Aubry gains a strong lead. Cochan has the record in speed, but Aubry realizes that her stack in fours will not get her to the point she needs to have. She dismantles a part of her stack and rebuilds in threes and wins the immunity necklace. She now holds the record challenge.

Returning to camp, Aubry thinks that it may be Brad's time to go. Michaela goes to find Brad who is off looking for an idol and tells him that it might be wise for him to go fish. Brad thinks that she is trying to blackmail him with the suggestion. Aubry fully believes that it is time to send Brad home, so she doesn't think that it is time to take out Sarah. She reverses herself and calls Sarah too crafty and good at pulling people in. She says they need to vote out Sarah now when she isn’t likely to suspect it. Cirie wants Sarah to stay to help her own game. Cirie warns Sarah that her name came up, and Sarah thinks that they are just trying to drive a wedge between them. Cirie wonders if the time is right to take out Andrea, or should it be Brad who wins so many challenges.

The group heads to Tribal Council, and Jeff asks them if their support is enough. Troyzan says that the bottom person can offer themselves to the group. Cirie says that there is no deal making right now. There was no scrambling going on. Andrea wonders why those in danger are not trying harder. Brad talks about his availability, but says he has nothing other than that to do. Sarah says that she rewards game play. Aubry says when you blindside someone, you have to remember that the jurors are not robots. Andrea says that it may be the manner in which you vote someone off. If you are their best friend and blindside them, they may remember that.

The votes:
Andrea, Brad, Andrea, Brad, Andrea, Andrea, Andrea. Andrea is the sixth member of the jury. She laughs a small laugh and says, "Bye, guys." Jeff says that even when all hope seems lost, keep talking. Somebody might be listening.

Andrea Speaks:
She thought she had real relationships and was playing a stronger game. But, this is Survivor.

When they return to camp, Cirie says that she does not trust Aubry. Aubry is in tears that Andrea left. Cirie watches Tai comfort Aubry and Cirie thinks that there is a pair in them.

Jeff calls the group for another immunity challenge. The challenge is to be perched on the top of a pole out in the ocean. They will use a pulley to raise a bucket of water that they will pour down a shute that will raise a key. The bucket is full of holes, so they must work quickly. When they reach the key they will jump into the ocean and swim to shore. Once ashore they will use the key to unlock puzzle pieces to build a puzzle. Michaela is first back to shore while Tai, Sarah, and Cirie lag. Sarah is working her puzzle and Tai gets back to shore. Cirie braves the water and all are in working the puzzle. Sarah fins the lead and is down to two pieces, and Tai pulls himself into the leave. Sarah has to remove puzzle pieces when Michaela finds it complete, but she is not right. Brad Culpepper thinks that he has it, and he does, winning individual immunity. Brad tells them to pick someone else. He is in the final six. He says that he needed it.

Cirie says that with Brad safe, they have to recalculate. She is ready to make a move. Troyzan says that with Brad winning, he is taking his idol to Tribal tonight. Tai and Aubry chat and he feels that he needs to show the jury a big boy move, and Sarah might be the right move tonight. Aubry tells us that she has to make a big move and she has to get Tai out before he is out. Sarah tells Cirie that she is going to let her hold her advantage and if she is not here to use it. Cirie says that she will use the advantage on Sarah if she needs to, even though Sarah will be mad at her. She thinks that she needs to use the advantage, but if she wants Tai out, she feels that he will use his idol. She decides to scam Tai and tell him that she has the advantage and will use it to save him. She tells him that everyone is targeting him right now. He wonders why she is making up this weird thing. He wonders if he should play his idol tonight, since he has two.

At Tribal Council, Sarah says that she wants to flesh out the lies and tonight will show where the deception is. Michaela says she does not think that everyone is lying, but one or two are and their past will catch up to them. Tai says that there is so much layering that he hopes he is on the right side tonight. Troyzan says that favors are rarely returned, so he hopes that he stays and gets to find his game after this. Michaela wonders if it is time to make a big move. Cirie says that she has an advantage and she is going to use it to steal Sarah's vote. When Cirie announces it, Sarah points out that it is non-transferable and asks for it back. Jeff confirms that and then Cirie jumps up and tries to tell Sarah that she was going to use it on her to vote out Tai. Michaela confirms that. After Sarah takes back her advantage, Sarah walks over to Tai and whispers something in his ear. When Troyzan tries to join the group, Michaela tells him to back off. It gets a bit chaotic and finally Sarah decides to use her advantage to steals Tai's vote.

The votes:
Jeff asks if anyone wants to play a hidden immunity idol and Tai does not play his idol. Tai, Tai, Aubry, Michaela, Michaela, Michaela, Michaela. Michaela is voted out of Survivor Game Changers.  Michaela says she did not see where that made any sense, but good luck to them all. Brad points out who voted for Tai to Tai. Jeff says that with the game they are playing, he can't wait to see who will be voted out next, and sends them back to camp.  

Michaela Speaks:
Michaela says that she is bummed but it is an honor to be voted out, because people think that you are a danger to their game. She thinks she will have to come back to win the million.

Next episode of Survivor Game Changers:
The final six and the biggest game changing move of the season. It is the two hour season finale.


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